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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)
  • i love this game so far and the direction in which it seems to be going. some things i cant wait for are, horses,even if we cant ride them right away im really excited for horses to be added. hoping there will be different kinds of horses as well. i bet they will be beautiful and cant wait to ride my horse in the beautiful world :} often wonder if we will have to tame them and how? and for breeding to be added as well,i so want to have a horse ranch and breed various types of horses and other animals. also cant wait for new crops and foods to be added,maybe herbs and spices to add to recipies and such and maybe be able to customize your own recipies too!hoping we will have tons of different foods to make and crops to grow!coffee and tea are two other things i'd love to see and maybe coffee and tea makers and such. more furniture and maybe appliences like the coffee and tea makers and a microwave and such for your home as well as kitchen cabinets,fridge,stove ect........i could list so many ideas n such lol. my problem is idk how much longer my laptop will run the game and when and if the day comes i can no longer play it i will irl cry cause like i said i really do love the game. what are some of your thoughts? leave a reply :)

  • most of the features you want are coming. i do not know much about tea and herbs but while poking around the game files, I found a new item: a coffee plant! so it looks like that as well as other new items are in the works. I generally find lots of "work in progress" materials which gives me an idea of when something new is approaching ;)

    i also think that computer upgrades are inevitable so when the time comes then just do it, especially with laptops. You'll probably need it for other activities anyways besides gaming. fortunately the game runs great already so unless Red51 abandons OpenGL 4.5 (the standard that your video card likely supports) then i doubt your existing hardware will suddenly become incompatible due to a game update. at worse, the game might slow down due to added NPC behavior, physics, better lighting and weather effects. all that stuff can likely be turned down a bit to make the game run faster.

  • Glad there's a few things we can look forward to with what you mentioned.

    - Horses: I really need them, and hope we can tame them before riding them. That, and having a first set of customisation options for them with armor customization, and such. They'll be big use for transportation hauls. That, and I'm hoping Red51 managed to make note of what I said about giving horses a similar behavior to what it's like in 'Mount & Blade: Warband' for progressive motion. That, and being able to set a speed to keep it at that speed. The horse would auto-run for you at a set speed. There's lots I want to do with a horse. It'll be our main mode of transportation. Hoping it'll eat grass whenever it's hungry, and drink water whenever thirsty. Camels & Donkeys shall be bundled with horses.

    - Tea: This shall be a fun one as it can also act as a medicine to keep you both warm, and your stomach calm. Should be interesting seeing it implemented in a way that drinks are also treated in 'Animal Crossing: New Leaf', in that you can drink from a cup in sips while holding the drink in front of you, or placing it down on a table. Looking forward to focusing on green tea.

    - Farming Crops: There'll obviously be more crops and such. Corn, wheat, among numerous others. Shall be an interesting thing to deal with, more so when you can interact with NPCs & merchants to do trade, or have your farm stock raided.

    - Kitchen Appliances: Those would be handy. Hoping Red51 shall aim for the Ikea type appearances that we'll be able to live like modern humans. Tower UNite is a neat game to be inspired by appliances also.


    What you haven't mentioned is the hype for dungeons coming soon....Hopefully. I'm being highly impatient now that I have time for Rising World. I want to go explore in the dungeons while wishing for NPC followers to join me in the update after, or after that. The next two updates bundled together shall be a big ting as I wish & hope to have NPC followers naturally spawned in (no creative) that I can also have them follow me around, and etc. Even on horse back. That, and waiting on gravel to be mass produced so we can make actual roadways without relying heavily on blocky roadways.

    There's lots of ideas & potential.

  • I'm intentonally trying not to think about the dungeons because I want to see the update so badly. I suspect that most of us here are just as excited. For me, talking will only make the anticipation even more unbearable even though I want to talk about it.

    I feel its going to be really soon. For the past week, Red51 has been hardly active on here or on Steam. He is really deep into coding right now, I'd imagine. Whenever an update is near, he disappears for sometimes days at a time. So I'm just keeping personal conversations to a minimum and just wait and see. I just hope he is getting plenty of rest however and is satisfied with his progress.

  • ya im also hoping for herbal medicines too lol. im prob one of the few not to interested in the dungens as much as other content, im more into the animals and farming n such :) some more ambient sounds would be nice also. owls and frogs at night would be awsome. i dont have a great graphics card,its only a 650 so not the worst but not the best for running such a game. i have stuff turned down but still get alot of lag unfortunately,even worse in single player. used to play ark but cant play it anymore,last time i tried it wouldnt even load,so ya im kinda scared this will end up the same way and i really love the game so far :(

  • Wath about baths / showers for ure house? Good idee for the thea. Also freaking out for the dungeons + models update. Its going to add a whole lot to the game. Whe can start exploring, discover treasures (maybe new weapons to find in the depts off dungeons), battle wild animals/persons,....

    And with new models and animations the visual appearance off the game whil go onwards to. And hopefully new stuff like hairdryers, make up (for women), razors and stuff like that comes out in that update?

    @zfoxfire I disagrea with the mention the game runs great. I think there is a whole lot off room to improve preformance off the game. I have a intel i7-5960X (oc'ed to 4ghz/core)+fury oc and the game only uses 1 thread to the max and the other are almost idle, and always have around 20-30fps. So i think there is some bug with cpu's that have a lot off treads. Also its still alpha game so optimalizations will be made when the finish line is in seight. Here im thinking that the oldest code is probably not that good optimized for newer pc's?

  • Me & Foxfire can agree on one thing that we're both going crazy wanting to play with the dungeons update. I'm being forced to play Euro Truck SIm 2 whiel ALSO waiting for the France DLC to release, as well as the rescale update for American Truck Sim. I'm also done with my KanColle game event that I have time again, yet can't play with the dungeons update. Damn it!

    Please! Please release on either Tuesday or Wednesday. If not then, then sometimes after 1 pm EST on Friday or Saturday on either 8th, or 9th......Yes, it'll release when it's ready, yet I can at least beg a little, right? :rolleyes:

    [Edit: Typod. I meant to type Foxfire, not Red51. Late night watching a Roosterteeth made 2 hour Uno video.]

  • 'He and Wavshapr are playing with them right now for testing purposes'

    Only for testing purpose??? :thumbsup:

    Here is what i think is happening atm @headquarters:
    dev1: almost at the end off this nice looking dungeon
    dev2: yeah, didnt found any errors, everything runs the same as last week ;)
    dev1: yeah, u think whe can release it in a few days?
    dev2 (with evil smile :evil:): nahh, lets let them wait a bit longer. So when they are on the brink off going insane whe can give them a nice cristmas pressent :evil:
    dev1: sounds good to me, u wanna go explore another undersea dungeon for some better loot? :thumbsup:

    Ssome off the above is completly fictional ;)

  • Meanwhile in Germany...

    KingGenius: *returns from a boss chamber, covered in Orc blood.* That worked well. So are we ready to release now?

    Red51: *spills coffee on keyboard # 932* Oh look here, the game is acting funny. I must have found another bug. I guess we will need to do some more "testing".

    (Whole room snickers with a sleep deprived caffeine induced laughter)

    Waveshapr: Ok, I'll sharpen my sword and put on that Mithril armor. I'll re-check that the sounds are working from every conceivable attack angle. ^_^

    Red51: I'll take an elixir of breathing and verify that there are no bricks are in place to that underwater palace ruins..

    KingGenius: But Red, cooking hasn't been implemented yet and ruins are supposed to have missing bricks.

    Red51: *unpacks a new keyboard* Silence!!

  • why would Red51 be going crazy to play with dungeons? He and Wavshapr are playing with them right now for testing purposes. Boy am I jealous. I wish I could just get a peek of whats going on over there

    You should have read that as me & Foxfire, not Red51. I watched a 2 hour video of Uno made by Roosterteeth on video under the 'letsplay' channel. 2 hours of madness and became very late at night. Now, reword what you said about how you feel crazy that you have to distract yourself, as I am with various other games :)

  • And as I said on Steam, technically December 3rd 2014 was the launch date of Rising World on Steam however the initial release of Concept was March 16, 2014. I guess we should celebrate that next March... possibly with a sort of cooking system in order to bake a cake :)

    Or, we could celebrate today and next March, seeing as both are important Rising World milestones. While right now, the in-game date is only available with F3, it would be interesting if one day a full in-game calendar could be implemented that would not only include important Rising World milestones, but could also allow for manual input. And, if the game gets in-game milestones like with Minecraft, they could be added to this calendar. TerraFirmaCraft has an in-game calendar that announces the developers' birthdays each year. I wonder if this could be implemented as a plugin. Food for thought for any plugin developer reading this. Either way, happy anniversary, Rising World.

  • So breaking the silence and spreading the hype... the only dungeon types I am sure of are underground dungeons some of which might have above-ground presence, underwater ruins that might require scuba gear to access, and shacks/log cabins. what I am not sure of are if there will be above-ground temples or shipwrecks.

    I had some other ideas since technically any generated structure so... here are some other dungeons I can dream of: desert pyramids, active or abandoned villages, survey or waypoint markers (basically giant stones used for tracking distance or surveying), abandoned water wells above a water cave, maybe even a crashed alien spaceship which can be salvaged! :-D

  • The thought of stumbling across an abandoned village would be interesting, if spooky. One would start imagining what may have happened to them, even gaining weird vibes of how old the planet is, or how recent or old the site is. There could be variations to such (maybe not at start) of just foundations with it being either clean or grown over, or even having foundations with some walls still around.

    It's hard to gauge what Red51 has in the game with dungeons as it may simple be simple, or it may be a lot. It's had to tell. Biomes & water was still simplistic in other people's viewpoints that it just may still be the same 3 to 4 related content. Might just be bug fixes and such that's stalling it out. It's hard to say, yet I want to say there's more than what we know for how long it has been going on. ?(

    I'm painfully curious now that I'm having 'free time' again. I'd love to jump back into Rising World hoping that we even have pyramids in there, somewhere. I'd love to build one, or few, for whenever I can record videos again (stupid hard drive crash).

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