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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    Hi, Red. Impressive! When my iMac died in August, I'd been relegated to a laptop I dared not game on while waiting for the new Macs to come out. On Tuesday, I received my new M1 Mac mini, and here I am on Saturday playing your playable version of RW. With six pages of comments, I have no idea if someone else tried it on the new Macs, but it's truly amazing. Excellent graphics, no lag at all, superb sounds, and overall a lot of fun for the better part of an hour with zero crashes or even hiccups. I'm looking forward to the full version, no matter how long I have to wait. Good job and Merry Christmas, Red.

    Hey Red.

    I'm patient, I'm optimistic, I believe in you and your team, aaaaaaand I'm not going anywhere unless your hired goons grab me and drag me away, kicking and screaming.

    That said, I'm not saying "take all the time in the world." If I have to crack a whip, I will. Heheh Thank you for the update.

    This is a castle that i've been working on for some time.

    That is an absolutely (and impressively) beautiful castle, jamsd. I wish I could help you with regards to uploading your world to a thread, but if it's as big as some of my Rising World worlds, it might too big to upload it to the forum. Instead, you might want to archive and upload a copy of your world folder to Dropbox, then share the link to it in the forum. Just be sure to copy the world golder to your desktop, and archive that copy. Don't risk that amazing build. Plus, if you upload a copy to Dropbox (or another cloud), you'll also have yourself a backup in case your computer goes sideways. I don't trust Steam to store a decent copy.

    On a Mac, your Rising World worlds are located under:
    Users/[user name]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/RisingWorld/Worlds/

    I don't know where they are on a PC, but I'm guessing if you can find your Steam folder, you can follow the same folder hierarchy from there.

    Keep up the great work.

    But I have worked with code and building data systems, and you really need to get it right. Too often I have seen the rushed system that then needs almost a total rewrite because some component was done shoddy.

    Being the wizard behind the curtain, pulling at all those levers and pushing all those buttons does bring along a lot of grief. If you take your time to make sure everything is running smoothly, you'll get shit upon along the way, followed with an "it's about time" complaint when it's out. Yet, if you appease the masses and release early, and even warn the masses there might be bugs, again, you get shit upon, and sometimes even more than if you had delayed for perfection. This is not the 1980s anymore, where most (E.T. for the 2600 being an exception (oh what a one-button fiasco)) games were tested thoroughly before being released. Back then, it was unheard of to have alpha releases. Kind of hard with carts. Heheh

    People don't realize how special it is to be invited to play and even play-test an alpha released game. To know the developers (like Red and his team) are working hard to build what they feel is the best game ever, and to try to convince us of the same. To know that your suggestions could very well be in a future update because the developer probably didn't think about it but loved it, or he did think about it, and decided to release it early as a surprise. Unfortunately, releasing easter eggs (so to speak) with each update does put extra pressure on you as a developer, because if you've been doing it for so long, now your clients are expecting them.

    Unfortunately, developers can never please everyone all the time. They can just do their best to release what they themselves want, and hope it's what others want as well. Red and his team has my vote for the long haul. As long as he doesn't introduce tribbles. Heheheh

    Your piece of work is yet another example of not only how good the mechanics of the game are, but as well, how close to realistic a project looks once it's done. It makes me wonder how many graduated or aspiring architects there are out there who are playing Rising World and using it to create mock-ups of their designs. Good job, Harv. I love it.

    Hehe, these hotfixes are indeed time consuming Since there is still an issue with the server (and some minor clientside issues) there will be another hotfix today (in ~ 12 hours), hopefully that's the last one (but I'm confident). But there will be definitely no more world conversions^^

    I wish other developers were as dedicated to releasing hotfixes as soon as possible as you have been. So thank you very much. And if it delays other parts of the game, so be it. The fact that we are all here helping to care for your baby, having our opinions heard, and our ideas occasionally implemented is rewarding enough. That said, *cracks whip* get back to work! Heheheh

    Maybe we will also change the way how cloths will be created^^

    I look forward to seeing what you'll do to create clothing in the future, and I hope dyes (and paint) come into play around that time as well. Not only for clothing, but for leather as well. Either way, I see I'll have to build a new textiles building on my beach soon. I'll make sure to reserve some space for tannin and dye barrels.

    Good going everyone in the development team.

    That said, here are my comments:

    • Sugarbeet is easy to find. I found some new plants which couldn't be sickled or grabbed. No corn or chili yet.
    • I love the press. But didn't the spinning wheel used to have some form of motion and sound to it? Now all I get is a progression to 100% and the ability to take the spool off.
    • I also noticed (although it might be a few versions old) that when you create cloth on the loom, you get the sound of hammering.
    • How do you remove water dropped on the floor? When I attempted to pick it up with the same bucket I emptied there, I filled the bucket, but the water remained. On the plus side, I now have an infinite source of drinking water ... in the middle of my work area.
    • Also, when used with the printing press, the bucket never seems to empty itself.
    • The rain is 100% gone from inside my builds, underground, and anywhere it shouldn't be (27" iMac (Late 2013), 3.5 GHz i7, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4GB).
    • In the previous version, a goat wandered through the walls to my basement. It never left. With the new version, it would seem each time it encountered a wall, it stopped, looked around, then turned around. Could we finally be able to put animals in pens? Mind you, the goat did manage to pass through a table in that same basement and opt to stay there. Silly billy.
    • I'm still getting an odd lighting effect with my underground garden where it shouldn't be shaded. The brighter colours eventually return.
    • I love the map. I found myself being able to group it with the compass and clock and still use it. Very nice. I've been waiting for more items to fit in those blue slots for a while. I still think a miner's cap with a light would go well in those slots as well. I've yet to attempt putting down markers. Next time.

    That's it for an hour's worth of game time. I have more testing to do, but I'm a happy builder. Keep up the great and hard work.

    Around 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time today, I experienced something like this when I went to play Rising World. When I clicked on the Play button in Steam, I was warned of a syncing issue between what I had stored online and what I had on my computer. I said to go ahead anyways, and I couldn't get further than the title page. In my case, a message that I don't recall popped up below the JIW logo on the title page. I force quit to notice a message at the bottom of the Steam front-end that stated "no connection," even though my Internet connection was running fine. I went to play a different game instead.

    When I read your message a few minutes ago, I decided to test the game once more and everything was running fine. There wasn't even a "no connection" or a syncing message waiting for me. When we rely on online services, it's to be expected that sooner or later, these services will experience hiccups.

    Have you attempted to play the game since you posted your message?

    I encountered an odd bug, but when I quit the game, I noticed a 7:50 p.m. (Eastern Time) update was downloading, and when I got back into the game, I couldn't replicate it. I'll mention it here anyways in case.

    It happened when I accidentally Shift + double-click on any item in a chest or crate to move it to my inventory. For some odd reason, a version of that item, slightly smaller than is visible in the inventory, replaced the white pointer. To make matters worse, if I replicated the procedure, I'd have the items superimposed on each other. At one point, I had the stone block 21 and tomato both superimposed as the new pointer (see image right). The amounts were also visible but garbled amongst each other. Returning to the main menu not only did not fix the problem, but the pointer remained on the swanky new backdrop.

    The Up/Down arrows are working in reverse when navigating all the bench menus. Up goes down and down goes up.

    I don't know if this is an accident: While I love the new woodlog, I noticed its width is twice that of a woodbeam, yet the maximum/minimum length of both are the same. I also noticed the log was actually a hexadecagon (16 sides), and not a true circle. Nothing major, but it would definitely have been nice to have a true circle made from it.

    That's it for now. Loving the game.

    First off, congratulations on the new update and great job to the entire team. There's a lot of promise for future add-ons with regards to some of these new items. Especially the grinder. That said, I haven't had a lot of time to test the update (suppertime), but I have noticed that on the Workbench's menu, Crafting Stations is mentioned twice.

    Also we need to be able to do more while sitting. We should be able to eat and chat... it would make partys so much more enjoyable! also, with the cooking update I hope we can place food on tables, maybe first place a dish and then place food in the dish. and anyone could take the food from the dish to eat it.

    For multiplayer games, interacting at a table with food and talk through headsets would be interesting. For single player, I'd be just as happy to sit in front of a fireplace, listen to the crackling fire, and relax. Maybe while hearing wolves and loons in the distance. When it comes to food on the table, it would be nice to set a fruit bowl at the center of the table, or maybe even on the counter. But what we need as well are refrigerators and freezers to store food more logically than crates. My crates are starting to smell and I'm starting to hear flies in my food pantry. Heheh The freezer could be a makeshift crate. When you open it, the content squares could be surrounded by a frame that looks like ice. Hell, I'd vote for a new "tallboy" crate that opens on the side, and then with the right graphics, it could be made to look like a refrigerator. Make a slimmer "tallboy" crate for the freezer, and put them side-by-side. Either way, these refrigerators and freezers would help preserve food once food starts to go bad in a future update.

    The first one is easy. I learned this 30 years ago. "Welcome to RW".
    The second one depends. I see hex, but that would mean it simply means "md" with six NULL entries. Too easy to be considered harder, so maybe I'm wrong.

    Care to explain what community game needs these answers?

    Quick update. Nice. I can indeed see the rain through the windows. Upon noticing the update, I gave it a try to see if the indoor weather would have been fixed, but unfortunately, it was not. It was, however, less visible indoors at night. So I decided to perform a few tests of my own during the day.

    My beach house is located, well, on a beach, at the Y:60 level. A while go, I dug my own indoor mineshaft that went straight down on my property. That said, it's a long way up/down by ladder, and I also noticed there are no pre-generated caverns under the beach biomes. And yes, I can make a lot of glass now that we need sand. But I digress. Going down the ladder, I noticed the rain stopped at Y:-20, but if I climbed back up, the rain would resume just above Y:-20. Excluding the wooden rooftop above ground, that's an 80 level difference. Stacking layers of stone blocks above the roof didn't make a difference.

    I then went to find one of the pre-generated mine located next to a mountain, and with the "setweather rain" command, I went in. I found that when I reached Y:0, the rain would stop. Jotting down the coordinates, I went above ground to the same X/Z coordinates, and found it to be Y:67, making it a 67 level difference.

    I hope these tests can help you figure out the indoor rain problem, Red, but until the problem is fixed, it's good to know "setweather clear" will make the rain go away.

    The fact that the rain ends after a certain depth is interesting enough. But can anyone else with a Mac who is having the same indoor rain issue, replicate this test?

    Agreed. It would be nice to be able to place our clocks on the wall, or as part of a greater design, such as a grandfather or grandmother clock. The only issue for now, providing we can keep the current clock animation when placed, would be animating the pendulums and playing the audio aspects, such as the hourly bongs. However, it would definitely be easier to design one of those than it would be to design a fully functional cuckoo clock.

    Really! Lots of possibilities. It seems like users are full of great ideas and many are very good builders. I wonder if Red has considered letting users build assets such a your shipwreck or other ruins and either allowing Red to just add it to the game, or to create a Community sharing system where users can pick additional assets to be added (and randomly spawned) into their games? I'm thinking about the huge community of people who build assets for Cities Skylines. These get added to the the Steam CS workshop and you can subscribe to the ones you want to use in the game.

    Sandbox games does bring out the best in people. It would be nice if one day we could develop and design our own dungeons, such as the mentioned shipwreck, and it's probably going to eventually be a possibility, but I don't see it as such until after the game is out of alpha. The same goes with the object workshop. Cities Skylines does indeed have an amazing creative community when it comes to its workshop. But my worry about a game being handcuffed to Steam is its long-term dependency on Steam. What I'd love to see is something designed as part of the game's official website (, that acts as a full-blown library for objects, blueprints, plugins, dungeons, and anything else that can be designed with an API in the future that could be accessed directly from inside Rising World itself. Imagine designing your house and realizing you need a lamp. You right-mouse click on your piece of furniture, a pop-up menu appears with possible options for lamps both from your downloads and those in the online library. That said, the strength of Steam for workshop design is a tough act to follow, but it's not impossible. If Playful can include access to their store inside of Creativerse, it's doable in Rising World as well.

    Loving the heck out of the new release. Loving the weather, even though it shows up in my underground basement.

    Unfortunately, that makes two Mac users with the same problem with rain in 0.8. The one screenshot with the rain makes it look like the furnace got too hot and the water sprinklers kicked in. I play alone, so it's interesting to learn what non-Mac users are seeing on the same server in instances like these.

    For reference, Harv has a Macintosh but not sure which specific video card.

    Apple Menu > About This Mac. I'm guessing the OS is 10.12 Sierra, which means there's a Displays tab there that will mention which card is in the Mac. Or alternatively, one can also view this information within the Rising World Settings menu under the Graphics section. It's at the bottom just above the Reset Settings and Save Settings buttons. I wouldn't mind knowing what card is in that Mac, and I'm sure it would be beneficial to Red to figure this problem out.