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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
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  • Times a tickin'

    I see we also have silly kids seeking attention on the Steam forums ruining everything they touch. Kids wanting AK-47's, rocket launchers, and such that it's making me facepalm. Rising World is fine as it is as a serious survival & building game. That colonial era canon used on pirate ships & forts is however nice.

    Saw a +3 games updated on steam, yet no Rising World. No banner..... Curious if it'll be a September release at that rate. I'm amazed it's even August with how fast time is flying.

  • 2017 is flying by. The player models look great and and with all the content changes bundled with it, it's going to be awesome when its done no doubt. This and dungeons are major content updates. Same with the water and the extra biomes. ahh well.The wait frustrates me as well as anyone but wishes don't change reality. Working with actual Java developers at my job really helps me appreciate the effort and game design goes way beyond anything I've seen those guys develop. Mostly it's web gui's and back-end web APIs to make our systems talk to each other. Some coordination is involved but getting all the various systems in a game to work together and communicate seamlessly in real time is impressive.

    Yeah, there have been a few too many kids in the Steam forums. I've seen posts like those in the past where they say "Why don't you add {insanely long list of features}" ... So annoying. Although to be fair, I've made plenty of suggestions in the past but I'd like to think that mine were atleast in scope with the feel of this game. Not... "Well Rust has rocket launchers so we should too" kind of logic. *rolls eyes* Maybe the problem is that Tier 2 workbench with its flashlights and ore detectors. Modern stuff seems out of place for the game right now. Maybe players unfamiliar with the game development see that and are like... "Oh, it's like a fabricator. We should make TEK armor like in ARK."

  • Times a tickin'

    I see we also have silly kids seeking attention on the Steam forums ruining everything they touch. Kids wanting AK-47's, rocket launchers, and such that it's making me facepalm. Rising World is fine as it is as a serious survival & building game. That colonial era canon used on pirate ships & forts is however nice.

    Saw a +3 games updated on steam, yet no Rising World. No banner..... Curious if it'll be a September release at that rate. I'm amazed it's even August with how fast time is flying.

    The passage of time depends on our scale of existence.
    As a child, a year takes forever, it represents an immense part of our total existence.
    The older we get, the interval of one year seems small.
    I imagine that for the elderly, the years look like months, the months look like weeks, the weeks look like days and the days probably seem to have a few hours.

  • Yeah, that's true. It's because we're more aware and our senses tend to speed things up, and etc. There's times where passage of time tends to slow down when you're in danger that everything is slow motion for you, yet normal for everybody else. It's all in the body with chemicals.

    @Zork: Yeah, I have that appreciation for Red51 and every developer, yet my excitement probably off-sets that. I respect Red51 and every game developer, yet people simply call developers lazy through ignorance that we need classes for those people. Education needs to be a big thing, yet you always have kids trying to fit in with people in that 'tribal mentality' manner because of how biology works that you end up with what's on the Steam forums. People using meme's and being brainless.

    Also, I try to make my suggestions fit in with the game that I try to word things in short & long term. That 'cargo tram' I'm expecting when trains shall be introduced, not sooner. Anything I suggest I try to theme it to RW's style it has at that time. The Androids I mentioned, that's a future thing. Dragons? Future. NPCs to deal with stuff being something sooner, yet Red51 is struggling so I'm trying to be patient.

    Yeah, can't wait to see when & where Red51 shall start dividing up the ages to Medieval era & modern era. Maybe during the recipe changes, or maybe further ahead that we'll eventually be able to build Medieval furnitures and such. Actually be able to sit, sleep, and etc in them. See NPCs even doing the same. We'll get there when we do, and well aware of the fact that "It's ready when it's ready". Rising World seems to be the only game currently filling in void that nobody else really wants to.

  • I agree. And I have kept journals of my characters on each game I play, starting with Everquest in 1999. Yes, fun to read after 10 years go by, but sometimes wonder if worth it although it seemed to be at the time and did help me learn to play the characters better.
    I do not check the forums more than every couple of weeks, I'd make myself crazy :S

  • I feel you. My anxiety for the update is horrible that I'm not a good example of 'patience'. I"m close to siding with the trolls, yet I keep reminding myself that making content has to take time.

    I have some goodies for you.


    There will be various types of trains, and probably two different track gauges. There will be passenger and freight trains (including "small trains" like minecarts), so there will be something similar to a "cargo tram", although I can't say whether or when "trams" will be implemented (at least if you're referring to trolley cars explicitly) ^^


    These things will be added in the future. Horses (as well as donkeys and camels) depend on the upcoming player models update, they will be available somewhen after the player models update (although I can't give an ETA for them yet).
    We also prepared fishes and birds, I guess it won't take too long until they're finally ready (but first we really need to get this player model update done) ;)

    This 'Player Foundation' needs to release soon. I want to see that blue banner soon, yet there's this issue of not forcing the update out to be broken. I hope it's by the end of this month. I"m hyped up for the trains though as it 'may' come by the end of this year. I hope it's true. Horses, camels, and donkeys also. I want my horses, and maybe camels.

  • I hope development is going smooth, because red seems to be less on the forums :) And if i may guess for a release date i go for this week. Its gamescon week in germany, the perfect time to release this mega update. Cant wait do spend hours to customize my character and start hu ting the n ew items down. Hope there will be some easter eggs :D

  • It's going smoothly from when I last poked Red51.

    Things are going smoothly, just that I'm probably making things worse by feeding the trolls over on Steam trying to give Rising World a bad image so people wouldn't buy this game for the simple reason that "it's behind other games" when it comes to updates, and such. Had a whole war over that in the steam reviews with the trolls trying to rally up other people to upvote all the negative threads to prove how worthless this game is for how long it's been (4 months) from each update. Just because this game hasn't been given an update in 4 months (that's short) Rising world is apparently a very shitty and worthless game not worthy of 'our' time. If that was true I wouldn't be here because I truly don't have time for garbage games. :sleeping:

    That last war caused quite a stir and I'm kicking myself over that for 'white knighting'. Red51 was stalking that, and every negative review because every negative review hinders game sales. Not just for Rising World, but for Staxel, and other games.

  • Yeah, Rising World is nicer than Minecraft because we have Red51 placing common sense into the game. He actually listens to what needs to be added into the game in a highly worthwhile and detailed manner. Everything is far more detailed that I love it, and shall be even more detailed. Rising WOrld is what Minecraft is with 'Feed The Beast' using the technology themed packs.

    Also, let's not blindly hate Minecraft because it's cool. It's fine to knock Minecraft, yet not because it's a fad. I've seen a lot of stupid comments on Staxel Facebook page that devalued Staxel that bartwe was furious with all those comments.



    blind Minecraft hate - https://www.facebook.com/humblebundle/posts/1500408466669119
    (For this third link it appears all the anti-Minecraft comments were deleted)

    (Edit: Not saying you guys are hating, just don't hate for the sake of hating. I meant this as neutrally as possible.)

  • Alright, sorry. Was trying to make my above post as neutral as possible so read it as neutrally as possible. Not blaming anybody.


    But yeah, as with agiser, I found myself playing more Rising World for obvious reasons, yet do have to note the flaws in Minecraft (while respecting Minecraft) that I hope Rising World could learn from. Rising World is obviously using Minecraft as a stepping stone, yet doing its own things that I'd love to see a few things Minecraft done better. As Joni & you guys mentioned that you'd need mods to make Minecraft awesome, and that's where Rising World is parallel with, if not more complex.

    • Books: Being able to place books onto bookshelves. Rising World has the potential in making books far more detailed, and into picture books (poster system) as well. Being able to read from it, learn from it, and etc. Some learning system with the avatar to NPCs & vice versa should be enabled.
    • Bookstands/Podium: There was a point where 'we' were supposed to gain a 'podium' for books, yet it was "too hard", or something to add into Rising World. Jen/Jebs was going to, yet decided against it. We also need to be able to store books into bookshelves, similar to how you store books in Skyrim, or items onto shelving in 'Medieval Engineers'.
    • Cherry Trees: During that 'garden/flower update' there was mention that Minecraft was going to gain a 'Cherry Tree', something we have, yet it's not scenic. It's not pinkish, nor does it alternate. We need to see more 'scenic' trees in the red, orange, pink, and purple spectrum. Colony Survival added pink cherry trees to pay tribute to the Japanese community for loving Colony Survival.
    • Horses: We're gaining horses, and we should have saddle bags to add. We may (iirc) also armour them up in our own style. They'll eventually have carts & wagons attached to them, if animations can be tweaked properly to not be jump, as in 'Wurm Unlimited'. On top of that, we're also gaining Camels & Donkeys, the latter also being in Minecraft. I wouldn't mind camels. I'm itching horribly for horses so much because of how versatile and useful they are.
    • Boats: I stressed boats so much that Red51 took note of having storage areas on them (bag types), and that there'll be boats made specifically for certain water types. They'll also have durability, and be specific to lakes & ocean types needing repair (unless otherwise debunked/clarified by Red51). Minecraft simply did a bandaid fix that I'm thankful they did the wood variety, plus made them less 'sneezing' fragile, yet it's a lazy fix. They didn't add any storage chests to these.
    • Trains: Minecraft is simplistic here that it only has Minecarts, and only Minecarts that some other form of train system would have worked. You'd need 'Traincraft' to do anything worthwhile train wise. Red51 plans to add various forms of trains, fuel types, and etc. Basically the quote [here]. If all goes as planned we 'may' see these trains by the end of the year. Hopefully.

    Red51 gave us better paintings, better food style, building style, yet struggling elsewhere because of how 'young' & 'EA' the game is. Otherwise, it's a very solid game. But yeah, I guess that trolls are always right that Rising World is a very shitty game and we must hate it :whistling:

  • I think haters are not in the mood of the game (in his actual state). Lot's of games offers frequents updates and lot's of gamers want new things quickly. RW is a very solid building game (the best I have ever play) and each update rise up the level but it's a slow journey. The next steps, as Red51 says, are survival oriented and it will be great for "less specific gamer" and will show in reviews I think. Actually, you need to want building. Adding some challenges will help. But I think it's not the next update yet (player customisation is not a real game changer, it will be a base for more, as Red says). Perhaps more littles and frequents updates after that massive player's update will help too

  • Yeah, that's what they're crying for - "More frequent updates" - that you see this in every gaming community. I was half asleep when replying to someone just now on Steam forums that people are, once again, pointing out how long it's taking to release an update that I realized this a bit too late when responding to someone. Rising World is apparently the worst in speed when people list every game, yet Medieval Engineers they mention is also equally as slow as Rising World. :D Yeah, they're used to being spoiled by AAA games treatment.

    Yeah, we know survival is coming so I'm not all too worried about that. The whole mention of temperature, preserving & smoking food, and food spoilage has me hyped. Same with trains by the end of the year, or early 2018....

    The next update shall indeed be a 'Player Foundation' more about the player, yet we'll gain new tools so new ways of playing shall be interesting to find out. People shall immediately aim for the mining helmet. That'll be the first thing. Bows & arrows being the next, and etc. Even if it's just player side, you'll have new player habits being developed with the new tools and clothing. People shall start to express themselves via clothing.


    Once that update is released Red51 can then release more updates frequently by 'spewing' out more clothing every time something is viewed as 'drought worthy', similar to how these Euro Truck SIm 2 paint jobs were released. They're just skins, and clothing are apparently easy to make that he can just pump those out.


    Imagine gaining seasonal clothing every month for when Red51 can't release the content itself. I forgot what else he said was 'easy to make' that he could pair up with the clothing. More tools? Who knows. There was something else, yet I forgot what it was.

  • I still can't wait to get the player update. I'm such a huge fan of customization, that even though it's just a foundation, for me it will be a big, big thing. It's the one thing I've dreamed of seeing in this game since I got it. I wish Red51 would tell us a bit more about how it's going. I know he won't give an ETA, but at least I wish he'd give us a % done or something. I'm also super hyped about nature becoming an actual survival challenge. That's one thing Minecraft never did that I wish they had. Sure, there were mods, but keeping all of them updated when the game updated was always hard(oftentimes only some of them would update with a new minecraft version), and sometimes there were strange bugs and stuff. To know that Rising World is going to do much of this natively makes me very happy.

    As all that hype energy has to go somewhere. I wrote a giant review for the game... but now it won't fit on Steam. I need to fix that now!

    (Edit: Done! The review should be up. I had to cut a few things, sadly, but there it is)

    If I respond in German, sorry for bad grammar. I don't speak German, but I do speak Google Translate. The community seems too nice to stay away!


    Wenn ich auf Deutsch antworte, entschuldige ich für jede schlechte Grammatik. Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber ich spreche Google Translate. Die Gemeinde scheint zu schön, nicht zu bleiben!

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  • Compairing an ALPA game like RW with a finnished game like minecraft that just adds more content is a pretty badthing to do. Ofc minecraft runs 100000 times smoother then RW does at the moment. But RW have more potential and the graphics is what makes RW stand out from other simular games. So when (if) RW ever gets to the state where it is a finnished game im sure both popularity and rep will raise alot.

    Most of the ppl complaining about RW are little kids that dont understand what and ALPHA game are. And propably dont even understand the word development. They just look at pics and buys a game and gets disapointed and give bad reviews

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