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  • Finite amount of water. This gives me an idea which I doubt could be done. A full rain cycle. Evaporation, clouds develop, it rains, ground is saturated and lakes, ponds and rivers are fed, water moves through the land down to the sea (it would be great if there were small seas).. repeat. That way, if players take water from an area (a pond), it affects areas downhill or down the valley from them. If you drain a pond, you would have to wait for rains to fill it again. Also, draining water from areas would affect the fish etc.. living in that body of water. In the summer, droughts could cause some serious problems for players farming, giving reason to plan ahead and create water storage systems but you would still need to manage your water use throughout the year. You could sabotage your enemies in the long term simple by draining an uphill pond, thus more reason to think defensive, not just offensive (if the server had pvp...). I wish...

    "simple mechanics that allow the player to create complex systems" exactly.

    Yeah when I said torches scare off predators, I meant animal predators, no monsters which of course are more cunning etc.. and yeah, monsters would probably be attracted to fire for sure! Good stuff! Wish I could fast forward a year or so to see what the devs have done haha

  • Having an overly realistic weather cycle might be too taxing while complicating things a bit far too much. Would be interesting to observe and experience, just that it might be more suited for games like Towns, Stonehearth, Rimworld, Timber & Stone, and such. Be interesting to see glaciers grow and shrink, water moving and such....I think it have to be done a tiny bit more simple, Starbound style, with how it rains it'll replenish the water source while also going into every exposed hole. The heavier the weather system the more that it'll try flooding areas focused more on giant craters, ponds, lakes, and such. Grab a mop, a bucket, while also having some sort of water tank to dump it all into. Maybe filter it if you want to get all complex.

    I'm actually eager to see if we even do need to ship water and resources around the map and world with trucks, steam trains, and such. Setting up supply lines from one area to the next while having liquid cargo tanks focus on water & liquidized fruits for consumption. Same with chest-like storage carts for food and supplies, something like with the trains mod for Minecraft in the FTB modpacks. That should encourage exploration and expansion for those that want to take advantage of the terrain, and if it's the game's goal to encourage exploration, colonization, and etc.

    Water wheels to take advantage of moving water to power and crush things? Sure. I'd accept that, same with windmills, and the like. The more I have to rely on survival and supply & demand then more the merrier.

  • Oh I know I went too far with that idea haha. I just like to imagine the ideal and hope it gets as close to that as possible. And I find it fun to think of this stuff. Long before I wrote on any gaming forums with suggestions I was writing game ideas and coming up with story lines and game mechanics. I love it. Just wish I could make it reality myself haha

    I'm not sure about tanker trucks or full sized trains. I think vehicles are going to be much more simple then that, but maybe I'm wrong. Just I figure the players characters need to learn how to build this stuff and that might be reaching to far... but then they want electricity and computers so... maybe a steam engine isn't asking for too much, or a tanker truck. It would be interesting if large amounts of water were scarce enough that we would have to transport it like that. We should still be able to construct pipes to do this, but of course that would be risky. So the investment into a larger train or tanker truck would be worth it.

    If what we can farm is only able to be farmed in specific biomes, then yeah we no doubt will need to transport food also. If having a variety of food is required for good health. Otherwise people can just grow carrots and eat those all the time.

    I would love water wheels, if water could be used that way and have it's own force that would be awesome. I suppose it could be done in a more simpler way like.. water goes "in" and is a source, then water comes "out" the other end. But the water flow is not constant through the mill. Depends on the water system they can do. But it would be great to use water as an energy source like that. Wind mills also. Sorry, can't remember all I spoke of before and don't have time to read the whole thread again haha

  • Last night I spotted Red mentioning that we would have to tech up from cave-man type technology to the modern-tech stuff. We would have to 'invent' tools by creating them then jumping onto the next. The way he worded it, the way it was implied, and the way it seems to be going is the way of "Feed The Beast" way of things by going up in tiers. You need specific items to tech your way up to the next. If you played Civilization or "Rise of Nations" then this would be easier to imagine, minus the whole researching button, unless that's also in.

    I actually love that idea because it makes sense with the variety of items and how you have to earn and work for them. If you had to have a library to research things then I wouldn't mind it either. I'd accept progressing from one age to the next through items, the FTB style of things. With that in mind, I'm now expecting overly primitive vehicles, trains, and boats leading into gradually higher tier vehicles being unlocked. I'm now expecting horse-trains, steam trains, steam cars, iron-clad boats, and the like. If not in vanilla, then in modding when it comes to everything other than trains. If that's so, I'd happily build a railway network relying on steam trains to chug supplies from one zone to the next while using wood, coal, and water to keep things going.

    If we get trains then I'd also expect cargo carts to be added to ship around liquids and solid material around.

    I'm also loving the idea that to encourage interaction with NPCs and players that certain veggies and fruits should be grown in specific biomes to further encourage expanding out, building networks, and having to carry them from place to place. Not sure if this was their goal, but this would encourage that. Would see less personal farms and more colonization and supply routes. If you're going to have a big world you might as well branch out.

  • Something like this would work.
    Its real technology tree in the real world.

    I also have my own techtree ideas.
    In a game build I would have a caste: 2 Dirt, 1 plank, 1 stick, 1 'hard to get material' in right clicked on a charged furnace. Casts valves, bearings,gears and screws.
    Plate bender: 8 plates, 1 metal block, 1 bearing, 1 screw. bends plates to complex shapes for technologies.
    Unpowered Metal drill. My father has one of these: 1 metal block, 1 screw, 3 bent plates, 3 gears, 1 plate.…orking-white-33874498.jpg

    We could merge these into a metal workers rig. with the drill recipe.

    A wire drawing machine or attachment would give you wires, wire cable, fencing wire.
    A lodestone, natural magnet, plus several wire, + pitch or plastic gives you electrical technology.

    An induction furnace and a etched silicon gives you the high technology stuff.
    I would add rare earths and toxic chemicals as subsoil ores that make advanced materials. Both would need refining.

    Add in black sand, titanium and red clay, Bauxite = aluminium and you up to the 21 century. Both should require toxic chemicals to process and a lot of power.

  • A few tools we need. Perhaps magic or perhaps technology. Ideally ambiguous but that's hard.

    A pick or stone digging tool that breaks the block you're aiming at and the block below it but will not break anything 10 degrees below the horizontal eye line. The eye line is the camera to cross hairs. This would produce tunnels with level floors with no accidental holes faster.

    Wet concrete. A concrete made from concrete and 2 stone or water and 3 stone. When placed as a blob it fills the targeted location and the two either side, right angles to the player facing. This fills the gaps that sometimes form because there is no contact surface that can be targeted with a blob. This becomes a floor of stone not blocks.

    Guide line. placed on the floor like a touch mount. Spawns an intangible beam/ string 32 blocks long in the direction it's facing. Again straight tunnels.

    Crowbar. 1 small iron rod, one large rod. Picks up workbenches etc but only if they have been placed in the past 1/2 hour. If workbenches etc are older then it only works in protected areas with the user being the owner. Lua scripts should be able to do that.

    Fallen columns. A tool or recipe that rotates cylindrical blocks 90 degrees so they can be placed that way creating everything from fallen pillars, logs, log cabins and pipe works. Ideally it creates a new stack for ease of use. It should also rotate half cylinders since those should make good roofing tiles.

    Can we use blocks from the blockbench as ingredients in recipes?

  • Building
    Doors: Ability to size a door to fit a frame or open space, like windows. Have the option for stone doors.
    Secret doors: Ability to choose either a special spot/zone on the door or a special feature (eg torch) that you click to open the door.

    Portcullis and drawbridge options would be great.

    Lighting: It would be great to have an switch to turn on/off lights in a given space. For electrical lights you could create a wire between them and the switch.


    • Create a book (random or from a selection)
    • Create a title for the book (random or allow user to enter)
    • Allow user to upload own content (plain text or rich text) to specific book
    • Allow book to be taken from inventory and placed on a book shelf, desk, etc
    • Complex generation: have a binding workbench to allow more specific options

    Curved structures:

    • For a circular wall (eg tower): Place the first block (left mouse), as you do to make an extended block row, but as you move away from the starting block it makes a circle with you as the opposite side of it. It will always complete a full circle, but you can remove the blocks you don't want later. For a second row you could start above the block at either end (assuming you had a space for a door/opening) and it would automatically show the place markers that match the lower circle.
    • For archways: This is similar to the circular wall. Place the starter block and then (presumably fly) up to the apex and it would automatically match symmetrically the other side.

    Block identification: It would be useful to be able to click on a block and get its ID/name.

  • Sleeping bag, so you can "save" even if u die.

    so you can respawn at your house or safe spot

    That is what a tent is for. You sleep in it and if you die you will respawn there. This also includes if you make a bed and sleep in it. If your falling from dying.... Use the F2 button m8. You can also fly using f2..

    Doors - Need the ability to change the swing(hinge) so that you can make true double doors etc, this would only involve inverting the door.

    @dbatt use your arrow keys. you can change the direction that the door opens so yes you can have to doors together both going in or out or 1 going in the building and 1 going out.

    Perhaps magic

    @wesleybruce This is suppose to be a Real World and not fantasy as there isn't going to be zombies in the game. That was voted out. The only type of zombies that will be in the game are zombie dogs.
    Putting magic in the game would be like putting sniper rifles and machine guns and cannons and nukes & tanks etc.

    hope this helps ;-)

  • I believe it would be accepted to use magic in a fantasy biome. The only magic we could use should only be used there, more so in mods. To welcome mods I believe this would be a perfect way of doing such by having the biome 'energize' the player's body to then fire basic spells. Mod can take over from there. Basically light healing spells, fireballs, and ice spells.

  • @wesleybruce This is suppose to be a Real World and not fantasy as there isn't going to be zombies in the game. That was voted out. The only type of zombies that will be in the game are zombie dogs.
    Putting magic in the game would be like putting sniper rifles and machine guns and cannons and nukes & tanks etc.

    hope this helps ;-)

    Yes but my "perhaps magic" comment was pre the vote on magic and zombies. Zombies have been done to death. he he.
    And who needs zombies when the goat can kill you in 4 hits and those bears yikes!

    My use of the word magic is a little broader sense than the normal fantasy mix.
    The world is developing nicely.

  • i am with spock on this one there's 1000S of magic and fantasy games out there please don't trash this one by adding that here too things i would like to see in this game are more realistic and would match the game how it is now things like motors pulleys belts cables wheels power switches so we can add working things within the game that match the game developing the crafting to make all this stuff i think is enough.


    :thumbsup: Rising Citys @ ip ServerName (Yahgiggles Rising Citys) :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :S

  • like shibby sad, Code locks would be so good! so good idea we totally need that, and i hope that it will come in the future aswell!
    And also, would be good if there was such thing as upgrading items like, leveling up or something then you can upgrade your knife etc, takes less hits to broke, and make it stronger, doors aswell, example, if someone tries to break in then it takes longer to destroy,

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