Items/Gameplay - Suggestions

  • Would be nice to see the following

    Pillars - Pillars with grooving or possible curves aside from solid cylinders.

    Misc - Fences - multiple types wood and metal.
    Gates - Wooden Gates, Metal Gates, mutliple sizes of these gates would be good so maybe one could be a house entrance.
    Bridge Building - Ability to build a suspended bridge by look not by physics
    Green House - Ability to build a greenhouse style structure
    Jewlery - Once there is an armor/customization/clothing system it would be cool to have jewlery as well
    Tools - Panning/Seives,
    Lighitng - More torch options and lighting options
    Weapons - Cannons/Gunpowder/

    Animals - Have a companion animal that stays near you unless you tell it to stay and protects you if things are hostile that are near you, you could interact act and tell it to remain at home or bring it with you to hunt
    - Gameplay for skinning and harvesting which I believe is in the works.

    Farming - Chance to farm different fruits or vegetables and possibly have biome impacts and require sunlight and possibly water to grow
    Mining - Gems and various ores for materials and jewlery

    Lockable doors/Chests - To keep those nastys out!!!

    I will edit to add more later!

  • Fences, Gates, and Bridge Building - I'd like to see these items/ features added.
    Green House - I do think it would be useful IF they decide to add seasons or It speeds up plant growth. During the winter i'd expect growing plants to be difficult with freezing temperatures (well if its going to be realistic)but, having a greenhouse room in your home would be able to allow farming in the middle winter.
    Jewelry - I would be more up for a jewelry if it wasn't for just pure vanity. If you could add abilities to it to make it more useful like heath regeneration, less damage taken from falls, etc.
    Panning/Seives - I'm not sure what use this would be in RW. Unless when they add water you are able to pan for gold in a river and such, I don't know what role this would play.
    Lighting - I'd like to be able to place a torch with out getting a wall hostler for it or crafting a garden torch. When it comes to mining it'll be hard when you first begin if you don't have iron to make a holster.
    Weapons - I personally love the idea of there being gunpowder weapons in the game! I would like to see guns added. No not modern guns, gunpowder based guns! Even though RW has some modern features for building and such i'd like to keep it in building. I like games to have a rustic feel.
    Animals - I'd like to see companion animals, they come in handy for any game.
    Lockable doors/chests - Yes! I hate to be playing on a game just to come back a few hours later to find my stuff looted. I'd really like to see this added.

    I'd also like to see fishing in the game. The more options to gather food the better!

  • I agree with what you said, except for 2 things:
    * Weapons. No guns, and no gun-powder guns. You want to shoot somebody or something with a gun, there's plenty of FPS'ers out there. Besides, people only look at weapons in games from one perspective: how cool it would be to shoot someone.... till they get shot. Then they want more a powerful weapon... till they get shot. Then they want... etc., etc., etc. Sorry, I draw the line at guns.
    * I'm not sold on the 'companion animal' thing. Been there, done that in another game. The last thing I want is a 'pet' I have to feed, house, etc. Rather than a 'companion animal' I'd rather have a 'companion player'.

  • Should really try to search for stuff before posting. It's at the top right of the page. Lots of what you posted is in other threads.

    It would be freak'n awesome to have greenhouses be part of the game mechanics, not just a structure people grow stuff in for no real benefit. Got ideas brewing about this, I may make a thread just for greenhouses.

    Yeah no guns. Bows would be nice though. But for pvp it would be interesting to have a variety of melee weapons of different tech levels.

  • I know much of this others may post but I can expand on my own thoughts in here and create a full list of suggestions I feel on my experience. Also many posts just have a title and do not go into detail.

    As far as guns go, I am not advocating PVP, but if we intend to have dungeons and monsters and hostile wild life, the last thing I would do as someone living off the land is be close to what is going to maul me.

    I was thinking cannons as decorations, if seas/water are added it would be fun to make some type of boat or river fort.

    Companion pet would only be if you choose to have one not a requirement so you could opt to not have one, but I do like the idea of maybe some type of companion player but not sure how useful it would be and animal mechanics probably would be easier to transpose between similar animals versus a player but thats just me.

    I agree fishing would be fun however basic farming and livestock raising would be even better for me.

    I am enjoying my game so far however not a big fan of F2 or having items in the craft menu that require 0 resources however I know the limited development makes some of it necessary.

  • Building

    General - Making rounded sections to allow for cylindrical structures as part of towers or corners. Ability to make domed blocks as well
    Stairs - Ability to make a spiral staircase
    Doors - Possibly a gate system with a level and chain that raises
    Defenses - Spikes of wood or metal - hot tar cauldrons - ballistas

  • Quote

    Doors - Possibly a gate system with a level and chain that raises

    Not quite sure want you mean there.
    Take a look at this picture: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.…b50a0f69eaef9eadcc419.jpg

    I'm assuming you're talking about a castle. Do you mean like a drawbridge, or the 'gate' to the castle after you cross the drawbridge? I wouldn't call either one a "door". Both, while cool for castle building, won't quite fit for other types of buildings.
    I would think a 'gate' would be easier to do and have more applications.
    Drawbridges- not so much. Of course they'd be cool! But most of the time they're used to bridge a moat. A moat works great IF another player (or animal) can't swim (that ain't happening), so while cool looking, I don't see 'drawbridges' as being a particularly effective deterrent.

    Which brings up another thought about doors. Depending on the door material, should they have various durability? (ie, will iron doors withstand an attack longer than a wooden door?)
    Sorry, there I go off somewhere again....

  • I agree with what you said, except for 2 things:
    * Weapons. No guns, and no gun-powder guns. You want to shoot somebody or something with a gun, there's plenty of FPS'ers out there. Besides, people only look at weapons in games from one perspective: how cool it would be to shoot someone.... till they get shot. Then they want more a powerful weapon... till they get shot. Then they want... etc., etc., etc. Sorry, I draw the line at guns.

    Sounds like a server setting to me. If you going to have modern architecture in the game (its already there) how can you not have modern weapons

  • How can you call guns a modern weapon they have been around for over 800 years...
    This is a point @Geneo and I have disagreed on previously.

    His point is that in a PvP environment those with guns can dominate those without, and thinks it is a arms rat race to try to stay ahead of the other or they will just shoot you back.
    I think that there should be that players are more like actual humans, and would like to see the need for tech progression to deal with PvE issues. Generally, Walking up and exchanging blows with a Bear should be a very bad idea, they are stronger and have a distinct weight advantage. I can be done, but not easily. Now, take a troll that is probably a smidge smarter and stronger than a bear, and you are going to want to put your smarts to use to give you and advantage against these theoretical brutes. If one of these creatures moves into your house, and you don't have the means to defeat it then it is probably better to move or run away until you do. I think PVP will self regulate to whatever tech is available.

  • I have been tossing this around in my head for a while. I agree with Quezax that using only melee isn't the answer, for the reasons he mentioned. So I would like to see at least bows in the game. But given the tech progression that seems to be planned, bows aren't enough. Should be some ranged weapon for each tech "age". But on the other hand, I most certainly do not want a collection of weapons to use but everyone and their dog uses the machine gun. Or the OP rifle. Or the arm attachment which shoots a particle beam... :D

    In PVP, if my enemy has a bolt action rifle, I want equal chance to kill him with a bow, or sling.. Point is, balance the weapons carefully.

  • Of course using melee weapons on a bear is iffy at best. We need ranged weapons, from slingshots, to bows and arrows, and even crossbows. (Maybe even trebuchets). We don't need to get 'personal' with a bear (tiger, etc.) to kill it. In fact, who's saying we even have to kill it- couldn't we just scare it off with torch?
    And just because there's some tech in the game doesn't mean all tech can be added. Cannons, tanks, nukes? Where does it stop?
    All I'm saying is at some point you have to draw the line. RW isn't a FPS, and those who want to make it a PVP FPS are playing the wrong game. (If it turns into that, I'm outta here.) It's a survival game, and we're suppose to cooperate with each other for a common goal(s) and solve challenges.

    They'll be plenty of ways to kill people, if that's your thing- you won't need guns to do it.

  • The fundamental belief that survival is teamwork is false, survival is surviving on your own and if you have help thats great but you trust no one and you look out for yourself you do not rely on others.

    This being said I am not looking for a machine gun, it seems appropriate to possibly have a Cannon which could kill monsters and they were also around in 1260 which is at a very primitive time, if we have electricity i think we can have basic weapons, but i agree a tech tree might be a good idea same thing for all progression you can live at a basic level or you can further yourself to do more things.

  • I would prefer to have few weapons, but have more content in other ways. Like multiple types of ammo for each range weapon and/or upgrades that can be done to the weapons/tools. Thus more stuff to collect materials for and craft...

    To me, this game is mining, collecting, gardening, husbandry, dungeon crawling, exploring, crafting, building, survival, PVE and PVP with just a few FPS elements which are balanced so they don't take over the game (but hey.. maybe some people want this game to be hardcore PVP and the crafting/building are secondary, should be able to setup a server like that. Different game modes are a key to this games success IMO).

    And I hope for some inventing. Part of MC was creating new stuff with redstone, Space Engineers lets you do that in a way also. I like the idea of, here's some parts, power sources, machines, tubing, pipes, wires etc.. figure out what you can do with them. Connect some shit together and see what it does... Even problem solving, like how to better harvest your pumpkins. Or how to collect water and store it in a tank for later use in the garden but you're 200 feet above the river or lake, got the stuff to make a pump and power it? Don't want a set recipe with specific parts to make this stuff. Let's take the pumping water idea. What if I use 1 inch piping at the water end, but beyond the pump it's 6 inch piping. Result will be very little pressure at all. But if I reversed it, running a 6 inch pipe into the pump but beyond is 1 inch pipe.. I might just destroy the pump but it'll have crazy pressure. Or I just keep it simple with good flow because I know it will be the main source of water for the garden and I want it to last. I would like to experiment like that. Interesting lighting displays, water features in the garden with underground piping.

    Oh! You can currently place dirt right, what if you dug a trench, placed some piping down into it and placed dirt on top to cover the piping and level the ground again? Would that get crazy with the coding? haha It would be great. To fix it you would have to dig it up again (and we should have to do maintenance on things like powered systems. motors wear out... pipe connections slowly fail...). Anyways.. I can go on and on with ideas for this game lol

    Regarding survival and teamwork. Well people will be playing with their friends... but others will want to be lone wolves, the game needs to accommodate both. So there should be group survival mechanics and stuff a single person can do to survive. With my above idea, it works. Groups can figure out ways to farm on a larger scale, and an individual can figure out his own stuff.

    Last thing, using a torch or something similar to scare off a predator would be great. A flame torch could work during the day even, but other items might work just at night. I recall on the news one time this guy went up north and arrived at night. He was walking in town or something and got a polar bear after him. He only survived because he pulled out his cell phone and of course the screen lit up, when he turned it towards the bear it ran away. Would be good to have this kind of thing in the game as like a last resort. Also, a camp fire should keep predators away...

  • I guess here is where I would say I would draw the line on things, is on what a person while trying to survive could reasonably work out on their own and produce.
    Things like nukes would be essentially impossible for a person to work out as they not only have to (re)discover the mathematics required, but also would have to rebuild all the supporting physics theories on atoms and sub-atomic particles plus all the practical knowledge of engineering, explosives, and material refinement/enrichment. Microscope and Test tubes are not going to cut it.

    The character will already be hard press to be able to make an internal combustion, electric, and steam engines, and are at the very far end of the realm of reasonable. A gun is a lot simpler prospect by comparison in design and know how. I would see a rifle as much further in the realm of possibility, of a single person's capability.

    On to much more interesting prospects, I would love to see a full fluid/gas management system in the game with pumps, pipes and reservoirs. I think given how blocks/objects and the terrain already work, being able to bury pipes and wires should not be an issue. Open flowing water and such will be a lot more complicated. I would love to see infinite water sources be limited and unmovable, so that the water has to be transported by pump, pipe, and/or aqueduct to where you want/need it. That lakes and ponds have a finite amount water, that if not feed by an source(Source block, rain, snow melt, etc) would eventually run dry. I know that there are some major technical/programming challenges to implementing such a system.

    I like the idea of simple mechanics that allow the player to create complex systems, so I am hoping for more than just muscle power and electric powers. Mechanical power would be really cool with ropes, pulleys, and gears hooked up to windmills and waterwheels, that would eventually connect to more modern motors. I could see survival being broken into two trains, progressive where you are progressing through the technology in a tree format to learn and expand your capabilities. And the second survival mode references as abandon/lost, where you have modern know how, you just have to work out in a more web fashion the nuances of producing specific technologies in a much less structured progression.

    I do like the ability to scare off predator animals, but some of the monsters that are a few notches higher on the intelligence scale, maybe just as likely to be attracted to fire. I can see the PvE threats running the whole gamut, with players needing to research/learn how to deter/combat a variety of threats and behaviours of the different elements.

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