Biome only plants and conditions

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  • I been playing and testing different biomes to grow plants in. For places that do not have dirt, I bring normal dirt in. Looks like any soil can go crops on. Snow I have not tried. Single player Survival mode. Also weather conditions to give more a real life affect.

    Snow biome: underground with heaters and dirt: all vegetables and food trees are yellow with brown spots. Still need to harvest them ready to harvest.

    Underground plants might work if enough heat in the room, slower growing times and producing times for food.

    Surface plants...have not tried but would be impossible to grow. Chance to freeze and die. Just like the player getting too cold, takes damage until death.

    Mud soil can be the best for growing once removed from snow biome and place in normal biome like forest. Faster growth and more yields in harvesting.

    Blizzards can cause white out conditions, extra cold damage from wind, easy to get lost without compass.

    Forest biome: Can go any plant or tree includes cactus. Normal growing with the weather.

    Thunderstorms with lightning can hit trees, leaving a dead tree that only have wood and no saplings. Any other damage to plant/player/animal/npc can be minor or even death.

    Fog can be dense and hard to see even with light. You can hear animals/npc but seeing away is hard.

    Mountains biome: Similar to forest or snow depends on location and temps. Normal weather to cold weather on high peaks

    Very tips of the mountains should have a little snow for being very tall in elevation.

    Thunderstorms, Blizzards, or Wind storms have a chance of push a player off.

    Plants: no cactus also depends on forest or snow mountains.

    Underground need dirt, since no rain plants should be slow growing and producing food. (my way station farm is -150 in height)

    Grasslands biome: Similar to forest and desert biome. Weather bit warmer

    Have not seen any weather conditions

    Seen a lot of chili peppers and sometimes lemons trees. Dry dirt can be slower growing and plant can be 'stressed' yields be lower in harvesting.

    Desert biome: Similar to snow but very hot weather.

    Sand storms with heat, easy to get lost in without compass, wind can push player around

    Plants similar to snow biome. Chance to be burned and die. Just like taking too much heat and water levels drain fast. Grown around oasis or water hole can be normal like the grassland. Trees should be grassland trees with palm and cactus. Sand should not be able to plant any crops on. Put crops on sand and also planted forest trees on sand without problems. Everything growing normally.

    Not sure in survival mode have an item for the house, to lower the temp in desert biome home.

    Found plants in desert biome just cannot use sickle to harvest anything.

    Beach/Ocean have not found it...should be similar to everything above just depends on location with temps.

    Salt water barrier in growing plants as nothing can grow unless can handle high salt levels plus anything can handle it, cannot grow anywhere else. No Crops grown in this area. Salt water cause hunger faster.

    Underworld: still mining to it. Anyone know hellstone depth? Should be hot temps. Metal detector for lava within in -100 or less height. I.E. Current height is -550, use metal detector for lava, no reading. Say -895 then read weak or strong signal. As you get deeper to lava, conditions get hotter and red glow.

  • F3 can tell the current temp, it is in it reads 100 C, (40 C player 60 C). First temp reads biome current temp, ( gear temp, then current player temp). The underworld temp is 100 C and very easy to get over heated wearing nothing. Gear/Armor does not help out. Hell Stone and Lava is all there. From the crust to the lava is a depth of 51. At 800 when everything opens up. Pillars do not touch the lava. Easy to fall to death.

    Deep underground I found a massive chamber with many tunnels...including throwing a flare and watch disappear in the darkness while lit. Even a flash light could not see the bottom. I found and killed over 10 spiders which were annoying in that one place.

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