Underworld/hell stone turning black

  • Finally got the underworld. I notice any stone brick on top of lava turns green. I replaced the stone brick with hell stone blocks just incase lava with destroy and stone blocks. I did a pretty good size pad. I did an area for a garden. I did block wall 1 high on the floor and 2 high for the garden area. Did arch way with stairs and cleared any hell stone formations in the floor. When I went up for water and get my dirt, everything was fine. Once I went back down, small area of the floor/wall was black and had no number id over the area. It was about 4 blocks wide and 8 blocks long. The rest of the pad has normal. The surround blocks, landscape, and lava was normal. Blocks was on the lava, could not see under them nor have the green glow over that area. I did not walk on it, fear from falling into the lava and dying. Not sure how to screen shot ingame.

  • There are indeed some lighting issue in hell... you can create a screenshot by pressing the PRINT key on your keyboard btw (alternatively the key binding can be changed in the settings). Maybe you can share a screenshot of that black area?

    However, lighting will be reworked from scratch for the new version, so the game will no longer suffer from this kind of issues ;)

  • This sounds like the static lighting did not update properly... this can happen sometimes, but is usually fixed by changing this chunk (or reloading the world). Nevertheless, static lights will be replaced by more accurate dynamic lights in the new version, so that should fix this issue :) This also fixes the green glow btw (which is caused by the way how the static lighting mixes the colors).

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