Server will not start

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    in these screen shots it shows Java 11 i uninstalled java and installed java 8 but in the last screen shot it shows 1.8 so idk what to do anymore.

    I have setup a dedicated server in Ubuntu 18.04 with LGSM and when i start the server "./rwserver start" it tells me it starts then stops almost immediately as seen in picture here

    when i debug it i get this information

    I have googled till i cant anymore to figure it out.

    can someone please help me figure this out i just got the game for me and my girl and i cannot figure this out

    I have several other servers through LGSM and they don't give these issues im assuming its from JAVA

    the other servers dont use java so this is why im at a loss and stand still.

    Thank you in advance. :)

    installed Java 8 and below is the result of my debug

  • The original issue was indeed caused by Java 11. The first images indicate that Java 11 was still installed, unfortunately the server isn't compatible with Java 11... but the last screenshot indicates that Java 8 is now installed :)

    The crash in the last screenshot, however, was caused by a specific setting in the file: The server_world_oreamount setting does not support values higher than 4. Unfortunately the server doesn't catch that (we'll definitely fix that in the new version)... You can fix this error by setting the value back to 4 ;) Please delete the world as well (as it might contain the invalid value already).

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