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    I purchased the game (Rechnungsdatum: 05.09.2019, Rechnungsnummer: 01-0919-0002) but i haven't played with for a while. Today I've got a new running PC with Ubuntu-18.04, so I wished to download the last standalone release, give It a try with Linux, play the game a bit but I can't find a link to download the game.

    How am I supposed to get the game, I don't see a downloading link in my account?

  • Hi, we've updated our website as well as account handling recently. Instead of having two separate accounts (forum + website), only one single account (forum) is now required. In order to start the game, you need a serial.

    You can get a serial (and access to the game files) by linking your old website account to your new forum account. To do that, log in to your new forum account (you want to link the game to), then click on your avatar in the top right corner -> Rising World Legacy and enter your old website credentials. After linking your account, you can access the downloads from your user menu (clicking on the avatar) as well as your serial

    You find more information about this change here: Important notice for Standalone users

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