Forging Weapons

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • I really would like this game to have weapons that you forge instead of craft or find. Generally you'd just craft it at a sword station with a mold, and the iron. It would take some time and depending on the mold, iron, and random luck, you'd get a good or bad sword. A good sword might do more damage or be more durable, but i kinda would like it that some swords might break if they're not of good quality.

    Also there could be some sort of hidden skill modifier, so if you make a lot of swords they're going to be better. I do like how rising world is suppose to be similar to real life, er well more than some games, and i don't think i'd be good to show people their skills, but i think i'd be nice for them to know they exist. Also possible one for cutting down trees or mining, and the more you mine the faster you mine.

    The whole point is realistically if you were mining for a while you'd be better at mining.

    Ok and last thing, a lot of this was me just slapping down ideas so a lot of that's going to sound very jumbled, i can clarify it if anyone asks.

  • The main idea is that i would like it to take some time to get a good sword instead of just making a random perfect one. I mean you should be able to melt you sword down to iron again, but it should take some time and possibly some skill to be able to make a really good sword.

  • The 3 tools from the second workbench (Tier II) are the fastest items in the game to harvest/cut/mine.

    Chainsaw cuts trees in seconds. The tree is cut so far fast that, you can destroy logs and saplings. Tree does not get a chance to fall over to cut it.

    stone axe->axe->steel axe->chainsaw

    Weed wacker cuts all plants really fast, can cut veggies and trees just bit slower.

    sickle->weed wacker

    Mini drill mines stone and ore fast...if done right I had up to x65 stone before the chain broke in pausing or hitting ore. You will need the mini drill if you drill through the ground to hit the center of the earth, just do not fall in the lava.

    stone axe->pick->steel pick->mini drill

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