More wildlife

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • I think in general there needs to be a ton of different animals, and i would like there to be some pets too maybe.

    The animal selection in the current version (pre-update) isn't terrible, but i feel like there should be like hundreds of different types. Would also be nice if, for example, a cow could be bigger or smaller randomly, and would give different amounts of food related to size.

    In general i'd love for there to be extremely rare animals, and certain animals should spawn in groups and some shouldn't, like say a fox shouldn't. Also i'd love for you to just remove the background bird sounds and like add birds because who doesn't like birds? Anyway the point is not to have like hundreds of animals in your view at all times, but to have a large variation for every biome, so you're always finding new animals.

    I would mainly like tropical birds in a like rain forest biome, fish in a river, lake, and ocean (i don't know fish, but you could make it so a real fish comes up and bites the lure when fishing), and frogs near rivers, ponds, and lakes (maybe a new marsh biome?)

    I love this game, and it needs combat, but i do think this could greatly improve the experience, and make it a bit more interesting if you found some insanely rare animal.(mabye an animal book that charts all the animals you've seen? I would love that.)

  • The thing to understand with others to posts, the map is endless and over time trying to travel can overload everything. So birds and fish in would be nice but the over all be tough. Does not matter what way you go, the map does not stop like other games.

    For animals and bandits do spawn over time. I made a few paths that had no creature around then, get attacked a bear or boar or few bandits. I have also seen some skeletons respawn quickly, same with some spiders. I kill a spider then 5 mins later another one, kill it then repeats, same with some skeletons. There is stuff that can hit hard even with good armor on.

    Leave the forest area.

    Snow has a lot of moose and polar bears.

    Grasslands has large cats that hide in the grass and other large animals

    Desert has little animals, plants, and water....second hottest biome in the game

    Beach is similar to desert but smaller area plus have animals..horses and cows. Salt water that you cannot drink.

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