Observation from a new player! ( healing, wild food/farmed food, sickness, and boolean Modifier )

The crafting update for the new version is now available!
  • Hello!
    I really fell in love with your game, seriously my roommate and I started to play this game like crazy during the epidemic and it has been a life changer!

    So I wanted to share my observation so far! I love this game for two reason, the survival aspect and the crafting possibilities and of course my observation will tackle these two things.


    - I enjoy how hard it is to heal ( no potion, you can only stop bleeding wounds, etc ) however I thought it was a shame that meat heal so much, so you end up patching yourself up with cooked meat even tough youre completely stuffed, what I would love to see is finding herbs that you could turn into paste and craft into your bandage to heal over time, or turn into teas.

    -Adding sickness. I like the idea of adding warmth and cold, however the effect are not that effective ( only hurts a bit over time ) I though that the possibility of developing cold and fever ( like an effect similar to the open wound does ) could be interesting. I picture the herbs would be in the forest so they would be hard to get, and give an extra reason to visit these dangerous areas.

    - Cooking! As a chef I have a hard time picturing eating all these uncooked items and not get sick hard to believe. ( personally I would add the possibility of becoming sick from eating too many raw things in a row )

    -I would change the quality of farmed food and wild food, for the sake that, in the wild, there's not a lot of fresh, easily comestible, perfectly ripped food ready to be picked up. Let say, instead of an apple that offers fresh gala apple ready to be eaten, I would put crabapples (wild apples) that can be eaten raw but are disgusting, yet are delicious when cooked. (Elderberries instead of cherries, salmon berries instead of strawberry, etc ) Maybe having a system where if you farm wild food, and transplant them, they turn into domesticated food ( or by crafting two species on a specific crafting table to make hybrid ) and then you can eat them raw without the chance of becoming sick. This would *greatly* improve the survival aspect game, and would give a greater purpose to farming, and therefor having a stable settlement. ( to go even further I personally would love to have poisonous fruits, herbs and berries in this game that you need to identify with paper let say, and without paper they remain unidentified. Adding a foraging aspect to this game would be amazing )

    - food spoilage! Eating a week old steak feels wrong. And without spoilage, food becomes more like items such as potion. It's not about adding realism but just to prevent the game from being broken. Now you can just hoard an insane amount of food and never have to think about it again, thus "breaking the game" if it is meant to be a survival game. I think mining salt or turning salt water into salt would be very cool, it would allow curing meat and fish ( making alcohol from berries, apples, etc to make vinegar to pickle your vegetable, etc )

    (for example I would add these sickness:

    Cold and fever: would add a sickness like cold or fever that actively attack your health and kill you if you dont take time to heal and rest.
    Food poisoning ( diarrhea of stuff like that ) : Block your stamina, and prevents you from eating further even though you are hungry with the possibility of dying from starvation)

    All these points are not to make the game realistic, but to make it challenging and hostile and fun.


    I have done a bit of 3D modeling ( Rhino, Blender, etc ) so the building mechanic of this game is pure joy. There are two things missing:

    -Building stone walls the same way has wood structure

    -Adding a crafting station that would allow bending wooden plank ( my room mate really wants to build a dome and yeah you can do a few things with the 16 degrees rotation, but adding a curve to your material would be sick )

    -Building with leather! I wanted to make a mongolian yurt at some point and right now there's nothing like it. turning leather into panels would be nice ( let say it would need to be connected by two wooden beams )

    -boolean modifier to crafted structure: To use a boolean modifier to wooden structure I picture building a tool like a hand saw that allows your to cut a hole in your wall ( a cube and a cylinder that your superpose on your structure and your tool do the job ) it would make doors and windows so much easier to place, but it would allow some amazing possibilities for decoration. Maybe doing the same for wooden structure with


    Other ideas that are more fantasies but are not that important:

    -I enjoy the implementation of dungeons in RW. I dont know for you guys but I've loved Zelda as a kid and the forest dungeon really cached my imagination. I have a deep love/hate relationship with every forests in Rising World and somehow I just want them to be even more dangerous, and give them even more reasons to visit them, so adding a bandit camp, a fantasy-style dungeon or well defended shrine that would be above ground would be very cool ( we already have skeletons in here, so might as well keep going further. Even to go back to a previous idea, a forest shrine could have domesticated fruits and vegetable available around to loot and transplant to your settlement if you can go pass the enemy )

    - Of course I would love having NPC's. I daydream about having pacific NPC that wanders the land ( like bandits ) who are looking for shelters, so if you have an available bed they would join your camp and do a few task ( I picture that NPCs would come with a specific skill, there could be a few like a blacksmith that smelts your ore, a seamstress that turns your wool into fabric, etc. So you would try to find the right NPC ). If I can go further I would find it cool that bandits would try to kidnap your settlers so you have to build walls to defend them. ( or simply that every bandit camp or dungeon might have a trapped npc that you could rescue and bring to you settlement) But yeah I digress, that would take an insane amount of work to do.


    Anyway I get too excited when I think about it, so I'll stop there. The game is fun and these are just my vision of where it can go. I hope you enjoy these ideas and commentaries.

  • -Building stone walls the same way has wood structure

    -Adding a crafting station that would allow bending wooden plank ( my room mate really wants to build a dome and yeah you can do a few things with the 16 degrees rotation, but adding a curve to your material would be sick )

    to use any ingame texture look at this plugin, it´s great : [Plugin] Planks 'n Beams (updated) v0.7.0

    to build round things or extrem small things - there are many console- commands for extending building - all commands : https://steamcommunity.com/sha…iledetails/?id=1708307050

    setr 1 - will allow you to rotate in 1degree steps

    just a small video to show whats possible in RW -

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