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Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • I <3 Rising World and miss it. I've paused my play in anticipation of the new redux of the game. Meanwhile playing some Planet Zoo, which gives me some basis for comparison with regard to building. (I love RW game for the creative building capabilities most of all.) My building suggestions are mostly aimed at creative mode, and I definitely want Creative Mode as well as Survival Mode to remain a thing—and the ability to choose either in a world we've created. (as now)

    There are some things I prefer in either RW or PZ.

    I feel like RWs building mechanics are easier to master quickly. I prefer the organic, granular style of building that RW has, though ...

    I love that PZ has so many wonderful building components to work with, which gives me inspiration for trying different combinations I wouldn't have thought of.

    So more complex shapes, please. Smaller things too: nails, rivets, smaller PNB etc. Make everything scalable, and freely rotatable.

    Improve the rotation, and placement mechanics. Rely less on the console commands for this and build in some GUI controls at point of use.

    PZs duplication of components, grouping, and advanced moving of building pieces is better in some ways.

    RW needs that duplication of custom-made components (building parts made from multiple pieces) in creative mode. I realize that "blueprint" sort of fills this niche now, but it is a way clunky way of doing it—simple, group/select/duplicate/drag or move into place repeatedly would make building a breeze in RW.

    Re-colorable shapes/block textures is a MUST. I have wanted painting abilities from day one. A grayscale type texture on a block that could be colored would do it.

    The ability to add custom textures would be SWEET! (custom wallpaper!!!)

    RWs poster feature is great, let's retain that but increase the size limit so we could use them to cover an entire wall.

    Ability to color clothing too. And possibly someday to make our own styles of clothes. And customize more fully our avatars (but only if 3rd person is also enabled.)

    Love that we'll be able to place items in the world now.

    Hopefully the new engine fixes the flickering posters (cross-fighting) and of textures.

    I realize the above makes it less of a GAME and more of a creative tool for custom building creations. I come at this as more of a creator/hobbiest than a "gamer". Still a valid use I think!

    More variety in animal skins, please! Goats and Pigs and Cows come in many colors/patterns and should be a quick fix.

    Gameplay aspects. Though I mostly play creative, I've enjoyed survival too. (I'm not a fan of violent games though, and like the ability to turn that aspect off.)

    Survival should be more challenging, adding things like food spoilage, weather destroying crops, scarcity of food plants, fewer water sources, etc. would help. Or, a sliding scale or (easy, medium, hard modes in setting for those things). Adding illness, medical herbs, and recipes as others have mentioned will add to the game play!

    Different scenarios, this could be quests, but it could also just be a random challenging situations thrown out by the game upon world creation.

    I haven't played on a server yet, but I like the idea of being able to invite friends to my world for cooperative play— with more friends getting the game, that's something I hope you keep.

    Perhaps more interaction with NPCs under certain storylines? (I'm not really that kind of gamer, so this is less important to me.) Just having more "intelligent" NPCs would be a great addition! Ha ha. Minions, (golems?) to do work around your place, like mining, gardening, etc. would be a great use of NPCs. No slavery though, we should have to pay them somehow.

    Others have mentioned vehicles. I've enjoyed the boats. Being able to carry stuff on a vehicle would be cool. Like on push cart, or mine cart.

    I'm excited by the possibility of controllable electricity! Having to build a power plant and needing it to run lights or other things.

    If running water (or animation of such) is possible, then constructing a working waterwheel would be super cool.

    So many things I want. LOL. But mostly I want the building aspect. DO WHAT THE MAJORITY WANTS THOUGH! It doesn't have to be perfect. The sooner we can play at least some aspects of the game in its new, more beautiful environment the better. <3 THANKS!

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