Game crashes on world creation/load

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  • i just finished downloading the game and ran into a problem. the game simply wont create or load a world! it will show the progress bar for world creation/loading but shortly after i get a CTD with no messages whatsoever. meddling through the folder i found a crash log, i pasted its contents into the spoiler.

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry to hear that! The errorlog indicates that the game does not use a dedicated graphics card, it only finds the integrated Intel HD. Do you also have a dedicated graphics card? In some cases (especially on Laptops) it's required to explicitly select the more powerful graphics card ;)

    If the Intel HD is the only one you have: What Intel HD is it? Is it a HD 3000? It looks like your graphics driver is outdated, that seems to cause the error. There is definitely a newer version available.

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