Spawn Rate Issues?

Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky
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    I'm wondering if there is a way to reset a loaded area's spawn rates?

    We had the spawn rate too high on initial start up of a server, and have since lowered the rate. This fixed the number of spawns in areas that hadn't loaded before, but any positions that had already been loaded in or had things built in them - the spawn rate is still stupidly high.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this aside from a wipe?

  • Getting rid of spawned npcs is unfortunately quite difficult. The deleteallnpcs command (as mentioned by Deirdre ) is probably the only proper way to do that, although it's still a bit tricky. If it's ok for you to delete all npcs in the world, just type deleteallnpcs CONFIRM into console, this removes all current npcs from your world (of course they will respawn over time, at least in chunks which haven't been modified).

    Alternatively you can also specify a radius for the command. E.g. deleteallnpcs 500 removes all npcs within 500 meters.

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