Welcome to the -=NLDFD=- Server!

  • Hey there all the people who see this,

    - Want to play on a Survival server?

    - A prison for bad behaviour?

    - A possibility for antigrief,

    - A higher rank, so you get more commands, fly, or don't lose inventory?

    - Want to create your own protected area/areas so griefing is not a thing?

    ALL above is possible on this server.

    The admins are very kind and very helpfull when you ask for it. (When they are online offcourse)

    The admins don't know any German. (one can speak it a little bit, but mostly he speaks Dutch or English)

    Other then that, I hope you like the server and eventually invite some friends over.

    It's a server for 250 people.. so there is enough place for a community.

    There is also a Spawn location with a nice building that I need to credit to drakonas111

    (He did all the work in building that Blueprint, but its too nice to not use it.:))

    You can find the server when you search in Rising world for: "-=NLDFD=-"

    or you can connect to the server by using the following address: renjestoo.servebeer.com

  • Hi iv just popped into your server and at first glance it was very good and i can see a lot of work is going into it, ive just got a couple of question

    You state that it's a Survival server but nothing can kill me ie any NPC's or the wildlife will attack me? and with just a basic tool its a one hit (semi creative).

    I like having the levels in the game but at each level are all the different things that you get?

    No GPS in game this is good for having different way points for a player to jump too (if you are allowing that).

    No ABM ?

    I hope the server does well apart from my few concerns for me to stay.

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