Trello update: The last weeks we've been improving the terrain generation and we've also put some effort into making landscapes smoother in general (to avoid bumpy terrain). Apart from that, we've also been working on new building tools. You find more information on Trello, but also expect an announcement about the recent changes soon
  • Hi all!

    Here you have some blueprints of a 5 parts maze. At first it was a huge square with lot of trees, vegetation, and a couple more mazes...but didn't realized that some stuff could't be blueprinted, so I started again and there is a secuencial maze.

    1-B&W Drum, is a normal maze, just walls, and got to go from the start to the end.

    2-Doors House. Lots of doors to mad whoever gets isn

    3-Glass Ant 1 and 2 are 2 different mazes divided cause blueprinting reasons: The first is an exasperating glass panels maze. The second is like an ant house (tip: watch behind you to find the path)

    4-Castle is more like a platform-game, and moving-jumping skill.

    There is a path, left to the starting point which allows you to skip some mazes if you can't make them. Also the castle has shortcut paths to help reach the goal.

    Hope you enjoy.....or maybe desperate....

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