Hosting a multiplayer game

  • which IP are you using to connect btw? Assuming you are using windows you need to right click the connection icon at the bottom right then click "Open Network and Sharing Centre" then click on your internet connection at the right hand side of the window that will pop up. Then you click on "Details..." and you should find an IP address named IPv4: 192.168.X.Y you need to use this one not any of the other ones. You can also try the same as the IPv4 but with an 1 at the end (that is the router IP address and should look like this: 192.168.X.1)

  • @smoelfen1978: If you get an "unable to connect" error when connecting to a LAN session (i.e. session started from the ingame LAN feature [singleplayer -> open for lan] and using the LAN IP [192.168.x.x]), this could be caused by an antivirus program or firewall which blocks the connection. What antivirus program and firewall are you using exactly?
    Make sure there is no firewall or antivirus program blocking the game on your machine (or on the machine of your husband). Even the default Windows firewall could cause this issue, so make sure Rising World is on the exception list (the "risingworldx64.exe" file in your game directory [steam/steamapps/common/Rising World] as well as the "java.exe" in steam/steamapps/common/Rising World/java/bin) ;)

    To make sure that there is no networking issue, you could also try to ping your husbands machine (and vice versa). To do that, press Windowskey + R, type cmd and then type ping 192.168.x.x (insert your husbands ip there). Do you get a response?

  • we only have windows defender and im iffy about turning that off... but i made sure the ports are open in the firewall as well and that Rising world is allowed through as well as the java exe. The ping works fine. I get a rsponce and so does hubby.... Ive been told that it might help to uninstall and install it again.. so we are trying that now :D

  • Reinstalling worked!! Now we can play together whee!! Thanks so much for your time and patience. I simply adore this game. Small questions about playing together if I may.

    1 )Are we able to group, or form some sort of "collective" so we can use eachothers stuff.
    2) we use my world to play on, but if I log off can husband still play on the same world so he can earn progress while I sleep ? :)

    Thanks in advance for helping

  • 1) unless you use an area protection script/plugin that creates groups everyone can use everything in terms of crafting stations/chests/etc.
    2) in LAN mode he would have to keep you logged on to keep on playing if you "the host" log out the LAN server goes down. I would recommend the player who plays the most to host the game. An alternative would be for him to play on your PC and open your world in SP after you leave to go to bed.

  • I just downloaded the game and wanted to play with a friend. We both tried to start a multiplayer session from a single player world, but there was no button with "Open to LAN". We made the server using the second option, but I really want to know why there is no "Open to LAN" button for us. Thanks!

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