Changing Animal & NPC Behavior To Change Gameplay

  • Is this like a blueprint in that if I put it on my RW file on my PC it then runs on my server automatically? It works for my single player games but not on the server. It is a great thing to know and would work well for our multiplayer. THANKS for sharing this!

  • Was able to locate the proper files on the server and implement the changes. Thanks again for sharing this!!!

    So sorry I just saw both of your comments. Been a hectic week for me already. Lol. I am so glad you were able to get it up & going. We are loving being able to make these adjustments on our server. Hope you enjoy as well! ^^

  • I wonder if we will still be able to make these kinds of adjustments in the new Unity version.

    Yes, the new version still stores all definitions in a database file ;) It's located under "Rising World/Data/StreamingAssets/definitions.db" and can be opened with any SQLite editor. This time there are actually even more definitions exposed in that database (like weather settings).

    Once NPCs are implemented, the definitions table may look different compared to the Java version, but you will still be able to change the animal behaviour, reactions etc ^^

    I also wonder where I should post that question in the forums. Lol.

    You can post any questions regarding the new version in this section (which is specifically about the new version): Discussions (English)

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