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    I would go for straight for a host like Ionos. Rent a Windows server and then install RW yourself on it. The game server rentals you often see are usually "middle man" kind of setups.

    I hadn't even thought of that! Thanks so much! Myself & my little community love RW so we have to make sure our current server has a reliable home as well as the second RW server we are planning to set up. So, I am looking at all possibilities.

    Hello, finding a host is easy, a good host is relative. Many have had good and bad experiences. Sometimes things go great and then there are bad times again. I think that you should rather look at what kind of performance you get for your money. The rest remains uncertain

    Performance is very important. That is one reason I wanted to switch from my old provider. It has gotten to where the server is constantly laggy & rubberbanding. Love Rising World too much to have that going on. Lol. Plus, we have been building in that world for two years now & are kind of attached to it, so we want to make sure it runs properly. Going to move it somewhere else, & set up another server as well for the new RW version.

    Can anyone recommend a good server host for my Rising World server? My current provider has turned out to be crap. They were really good for a few years, but not anymore. We have had this server world for 2 years & we don't want to shut it done so we are looking for a new provider. Thanks!

    Oh yes that seems to be the reason why this message pops up. But if you've made a backup of your files you should be on the safe side ^^

    Hehe, thank you very much :) Yes indeed, we don't have to pay a cut to Steam if someone purchases the Standalone.


    Hmm... the new version shouldn't be covered by Steam cloud, so this only seems to be related to the files of the Java version :thinking: Do you play Rising World on more than one machine (this usually triggers this message)? Unfortunately I don't know which files are on your local machine and which files are stored in the clouds... if you don't want to lose any worlds, you should manually backup your "Worlds" folder in the game directory (steamapps/commons/RisingWorld/Worlds) and the "Blueprints" folder (if you want to save your blueprints) - then download the cloud files and check out if they are the latest ones.

    I did make a copy of my entire RW Java file right before I saw this. Lol. I do play RW on my Desktop & used to on my laptop, but haven't in a very long time. I figure since I made a copy of my Java version, I will risk it now with Steam or just buy a separate standalone from you. I assume you get to keep more of the profit that way, correct? I don't mind buying a standalone if it helps support you more.

    I have been waiting for this & I am so excited. However, I do have a question. When I go to update to the new version it gives me the message that my local files conflict with the cloud files. I am attaching a screenshot. which should I do? I don't want to lose or corrupt my Java files.

    Yes, once the new version is a bit more fleshed out so it can replace the Java version, the current Java version will be available as a separate beta branch ;)

    That's true, but after having actual hands, the old style (floating items) looks a bit odd :D

    This made me smile so big!! I didn't want to let go of our current server world but wanted to play the new version too. I can have the best of both worlds! :love::wow:

    Don't know why people are fussing. Red is doing the best he can. He is trying to keep players happy but at the same time create the best possible version of the game he can, which is a good thing! I will patiently wait for the new version, & until it's ready, I'll keep on enjoying the old version. It's still a blast.

    I did, but for some reason it wouldn't take. I reached out to my server provider & explained it to them. I walked them through the steps & it worked when they did it from their end. Just got off with them. Lol. The provider couldn't figure out why it didn't work when I did it either. It was very strange. It is up & running now though. Time to put the last 2 plugins on & a few more blueprints & then turn my little community loose on it. So sorry to have taken up your time, but thanks so very much!