Measurements in next version

  • It would be absolutely amazing to have measurement conversions for each element in the next version! This way, people like me, who love working with Sketchup can design buildings for Rising World with ease!

    For example, today I learned that 1 Block is equivalent to about .50 Centimeters(1/2 Meter). Well, I'm thinking listing measurements like that would be very helpful when looking at a element, just like in the current version, the Texture ID, heighth, width, etc. are listed about the element that your are pointing at.

    I am having quite a difficult time trying to get the scale of Rising World into Sketchup. I did see the post made by Miwarre, but it doesn't really help. I got as far as the half-meter scale and that is it. ;(

  • A centineter ruler would be better. Try to build with the grid. To part your would beam or woodplank in mind by using the grid helps a lot. If you have the maximum size of a woodbeam and you shrink this part once, you receive 2.95m and so on. I've never used scetchup, but I've I've build with original architectural blueprints. I have some problems with inch and yards, because I'm used to centimeters and meters. If you have a room with 5 blocks height = 2.5 m, 10 blocks long, 8 blocks wide = 20 m2. The only problem that I personally have, is the size of the objects, these are a bit too big. ^^

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