about the snow :)

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  • I used the console snow command, both snow and heavysnow is giving such a realistic effect (very well done! ), after using the weather clear command, what a good surprise to see the snowy landscape !!!

    So I got a question: in multiplayer did you plane to have the snow only in a player claim to avoid snow in the complete world ?

  • I presume snow will only happen in cold biomes (like java version). Thus, snow accumulation will only happen in cold biomes, not the entire world.

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  • Unfortunately weather is always global, so if it's snowing, the whole world will be covered by snow (except certain biomes, like deserts, savannah etc) :| Restricting this to certain areas is basically possible (in theory), but it would be very time consuming to implement that :(

    However, if you want permanent snow, you can actually paint the terrain with the snow texture - very much like in the old version. This type of snow never vanishes ^^

    PS: There is also a cold weather type btw - if you set the weather to "clear", the snow slowly melts over time, but if you set "cold" weather, the snow stays^^

  • Ok thank you for the answer, I must admit that I never tried the snow in the java version, that's why I was wondering if in multiplayer all the server will be impacted or not ;)

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