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  • Hey there, first off just wanna say I'm a huge fan of the game, I've been lurking the forum for awhile now checking out blueprints and voting on new features and though it was about time I added to the discussion a bit.

    Anyway, I'm sure most of you tried the game Valheim, it went viral pretty quick and its similarly a survival/building game that is still in a mostly developmental stage, if you haven't I recommend trying it out, it still needs quite a bit of work but is fun and I especially like to try and support new games in the genres I enjoy. So to get to the point there was one feature in Valheim that I thought was really quite immersive and cool and I believe is just the sort of thing that would fit right into Rising World and that is the ability to build yourself a working sundial. I'll admit I haven't actually tried it to see if it would work in the current version of RW but I think that would be very neat in the new version especially early in survival when you may not otherwise have a compass, map and/or clock you can still rely on the position of the sun and your ingenuity to tell direction and time.

    Also one other thing I enjoyed about Valheim was the large Bosses that were located around the world, One can only go through so many dungeons and forests before the bandits and skeletons become dull, I've seen some discussions on here about maybe adding bandit raids on player builds to spice things up but it seems like people are kind of mixed on that which i get because a lot of people build really cool things that they don't want ruined. So I was thinking if there were some large very hard to kill bosses randomly scattered through the map it would provide players with more variety and challenge while still not threatening their builds and would encourage people to play in grouped to beat the larger bosses. and still keep the regular dungeons and bandits of course for players who are more inclined to solo.

    Anyway that's my 2 cents but I love the game and I love what you're doing with it Red, keep up the good work! :D

  • Valheim is a very early access game with potential. But i don't get the hype about it.

    They hide a lack of content and development behind what they call features.

    The building is very simple. No terraforming possible. At least not in the way as rising world, minecraft or any other voxel game.

    The fighting is simple and not challenging, which is actually okay for me.

    But the hostiles and biomes are quite simple, repetitive and boring.

    What they do right is the mix of content they chose for the launch. A bit exploration, a bit fighting and base building. Some dungeons. A very good mix. I just don't see where the game should go to. They hide progresd behind unnecessary boss fights. Well, they are necessary as otherwise people wouldn't know what else to do or achieve.

    Sorry for thar. I'm just feeling harsh about valheim with its low content getting that much attention while other gems are hidden in a dark dusty corner. Their marketing with several high profile YouTubeers and in twitch was very smart.

    However a sundial would be indeed great in rising world. Never triec one actually.

    Boss hostiles are planned for the new version, afaik

  • I like this answer for Val-Whatever, cause my answer would be more like from a bad guy - Except "potential" :!:

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