Hololive "Graduations"

  • Sorry if I'm making so many topics, just need a place to 'let loose', if that is fine. Our entertainment is being hit hard and far too frequently we keep feeling large ripples all around. I follow the gaming sphere called 'Hololive' where they use Anime characters to pose as their persona to do various things on Youtube. Gaming, roleplay, and etc. To the unfamiliar, Vtubers are simply entertainers using 2D & 3D avatars to cover up their actual self, even to the point their speech patterns reflect their characters.

    Hiryuu Coco Graduating July 1st. Basically, she is leaving for unspecified reasons she can't go into.

    (Image source) - Coco & Kanata flying in the sky.

    -> Official Graduation Tweet:

    ( "Graduation" means 'leaving', 'quitting', 'gone'. :()

    We're sad, especially after how much she had done, how much she influenced others, how entertaining she is. She is basically a pillar of Hololive to the point she even influenced me with her crude, yet hilarious humour. I remember her jumping into a Japanese toilet she made in Minecraft calling it her home, among others. Everything was epic until she accidentally showed her analytics on Twitter showing Taiwan as a country, something fragile Chinese folks are attacking everybody for. Smear campaign, divide-and-conquer, slander, harassment, and etc. Its a sad day. These Vtubers basically play games, sing, talk to their members/viewers, and have performances. I even have them as shipgirls in Azur Lane, something we won't have anymore thanks to fragile Chinese folks. They even killed off their own Chinese section with their hate-campaign with Hololive. They're vile. The irony. Poor Coco, she has been through so much abuse to the point Kanata had to comfort her. Kanata, and others had to comfort her while antis constantly went on the assault. "no fun allowed".

    Example of their contribution.

    Coco's situation & 'Graduation' announcement trending on Twitter.

    Coco's Important announcement from her stream.

    >Insert candle and dragon emoji here<

    (Graduation means leaving. She'll be missed. She was a very special pioneer of Hololive pushing it so much further than any other member.)


    Mano Aloe:

    Mano Aloe's appearance was short-lived, though special because she left a genuine impression. She had beauty, skill, and etc. Her singing. Her depressive situation happened before Coco's, though in a same situation of harassment spawning new rules and regulations in allegedly protecting Cover's talents. Mano was harassed on all fronts forcing her to 'graduate' from Hololive. Nene, and others miss her. We miss Aloe's more innocent idol-style charm. She wanted to be this 'evil' idol. Basically a 'Succubus' Idol. She was precious, she helped Nene and others. It showed in her videos. She left a big impact with how Nene even made a song about Aloe Mano.

    Even though Mano Aloe has left she still releases songs on other platforms. Not sure how these people know.


    With Coco 'Graduating' July 1st (JST time) things shall be.... More emotional.

    Even if this may not be your thing I'm still going to mourn Coco's loss for Hololive (and Aloe Mano's) because they're genuinely entertaining. They've done a lot in a genuine manner while being needlessly bullied, tortured, and harassed. Crying emoji because of how harsh the news is. ;(


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