E3 2021 [General thoughts]

  • Well,............ I guess this E3 was was "decent", at best.

    Microsoft did well, or so I've seen with its digital footprint when Googling. Nintendo saved this E3 by actually showing games without going political. Just games, and purely games. Unsure about Microsoft, though Playstation wasn't there and they suck in 2021. If you have a Playstation I feel bad for you folks. Maybe the 1-2 exclusive games you have is redeemable, though anything else is trash. Ghost of Tsushima. Microsoft wins, Playstation fails because American politics. As if I'm now siding with Microsoft because Playstation converted to Americanism. :huh:

    Nintendo, you've done awesome. You've simply showed your Nintendo Direct to the point, and had neat games. Nothing that went "wow", though interesting games focused on gaming. Congrats! :party: There are actually quite a few games I actually would want to obtain for the Switch, some I may have accidentally forgotten. Good stuff! Games! YAY! GAMES! :wow:

    Capcom... Was "alright", though gained flack for only showing 3-4 things. Resident Evil: Village, Ace Attorney stuff, and Street Fighter championship tour. They could have shared Megaman, as my friends wanted. Monster Hunter Rise & Monster Hunter Story however caught my interest. Mainly Monster Hunter Stories because its like Pokemon, in a certain way.

    Bandai-Namco, you brainless morons! Absolute morons! Only ONE game when you could have had MANY MORE. What the hell is wrong with you, and you're a AAA company. Like Sony/Playstation, what the hell is wrong with you......... I want to curse so badly. One game when you could have made more Digimon games, more arcade style games, and even GUNDAM VR. You brainless morons. I hate Bandai-Namco because they used to have cool Gundam games, now they're tardy and bloated to the point they can't do anything. Its like watching a fat person struggling to do anything.


    Then I heard a lot of "go woke, go broke" nonsense because in between segments for fake inclusion. Dude, don't go there. Gamers simply want games and just games. Look at Nintendo Direct with how happy people are with them, AND Microsoft.

    "Go woke, go broke"......

    Shut the hell up you corrupted clown gaming journalists..... Nobody wants a gaming talkshow, people want to see gaming announcements. Learn from Nintendo and Microsoft. Shut up. :poo: The image taken after Bandai-Namco's poorly punctuated segment leading into these talking heads nobody cares about. Cringe.


    I'm not going to link to any of these games out of respect to Red51, I will however make a list of games I find interesting.

    1. Starfield
    2. Elden Ring
    3. Flight Simulator + Top Gun
    4. Monster Hunter Stories 2 - [I need to play the first one, if there is one]
    5. Shin Megami Tensei V
    6. Mario Golf: Super Rush
    7. DragonBall Z (Switch) - [Even if its on PC, it seems fun]
    8. Fatal Frame: Maiden in Black

    I'll edit more in as I remember. To me, 'Starfield' appears to be similar to Star Citizen. Maybe.... Maybe it is a game in competition with Star Citizen. As for Elden Ring that game reminds me of Dragon's Dogma. I still need to play Flight Sim. I have a new hard drive to install to then attempt a download. Monster Hunter Stories is shown to be fun so I'll be seeking that out. Love how you can mount your "monsties", something Pokemon never really gave us properly.

    I've played the MMO to Shin Megami Tensei, sadly dropping out because of school at the time. Its a fun game. I wouldn't mind playing it though doubt I'd get far.

    Mario Golf: Super Rush goes back to the basic routes of gaming by simply focusing on entertainment. More you play, more you level. I love it. Fun boss battles, and etc. It shows what a game should be.

    Dragon Ball Z is being ported to Switch so that shall be interesting. Its rated as a great game, something I want to play. I enjoyed a PS2 game that was free-roamy, this would do just as good.

    Fatal Frame makes for a good spooky session. Japan's gimmick is clothing for both spooky and cuteness so I may try this out when given the chance. I'm now seeking out physical copies though may look into getting bigger and better storage cards to swap out my games software side.

    Sadly missing out on Lego Star Wars, Ghostwire: Tokyo, among other games that could have been there. Even 'Gundam VR', IF Bandai-Namco actually did any work in their company. Megaman for my gaming friends, and etc. RIP.


    Alright, I guess that is it, eh?

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