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  • Pardon my obnoxious posting, just have to note this here also because this forum is easier to use than the Steam one.

    Been having fun watching 'Vinland Saga' also speculating if we could see elements from real world added into Rising World from the Viking side of things. Their accessories, nature, boats, faction, and etc. Seeing the Vikings roaming around various islands (at random), pillaging and burning, while also having a chance to raid your own settlement during the warmer periods. Not often, just whenever you "space out", or tend to have far too much down time (however that can be calculated).

    Bonus of having Vikings could fall under pirates and raiders (if so desired, or already considered). Be nice to be able to build their boats, steal their boats, repair damaged ones, and etc. Steal their accessories, among other assets.…cience-photo-library.html


    I say this, I'm the most interested in their sailing boats. Granted, I would also most likely end up using their dragon styled tents, huts, and great halls.

    - Focus is on the tent with dragon/pig/animal type patterns. Various clans have different patterns.

    - Merchant Viking boat (Proper for Rising World)


    - Slave Feature:

    Red51 can say 'nay' to this, just a thought. The player could go to Viking/Pirate/Raider outposts to obtain or forcefully flee slaves (if it's fine with stingy German laws and regulations). Could even negotiate bargains with the Vikings to let slaves go in alternative means (not lewd) by having them join you in other raids to take other areas over, or to help them occupy more land, or whatever is possible.

    This slave method could also be how players could obtain companions and helpers by following the Viking's legal method, or by freeing them by alternate (forceful) means. Maybe you need sailors on your bigger boats, or help in your new settlement. Purchasing or forcefully fleeing slaves could be a good way of doing this either from Viking POV, or pirates, and raiders.

    It genuinely is up to Red51 as for what we get in the end.


    And, for the fun of it..... Vinland Saga's soundtrack.

    And for the atmosphere.


    Sorry, but I'm just in that mood I had to make note of it. I'll obviously wait for the core features like NPCs, Multiplayer, and whatever Red51 desires. This is more of a "if you don't speak, you don't get". I have to speak up if we desire something. I desire Viking boats and to both fight and befriend them.

    I won't press on this element. Red51 has to do what he has to do.

  • Bonus:

    Not forcing Red51, just noting. Roman boats for the civilians and merchants.…roman-boats-3d-08567.html

    The medieval boating era should be fun times in Rising World. All depends on how and what Red51 gives us, what he can access, and etc. There are cool options out there.

    - Roman War Boats:


    Not expecting it, just speaking up because we have a voice. If you don't ask, you don't receive. These should be fun to sail through the ocean and to upkeep every voyage. :nerd:


    Intertwined - Roman infused music

    Just being transparent showing you why I'm sharing this, and because Rising World shall be doing boats better than any other game. Minecraft failed. Other games are not quite right either.:monocle:

    (Now that I hyped this up I can go silent again.)

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