Was hört Ihr für Musik?

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  • Just roaming around Youtube finding interesting music. If you like it, you like it. If not, you don't.

    I don't really play Call of Duty, this one however stuck out because older games seem to have better music, but that just may be me. I'm curious if Rising World shall have any music which shall stand the test of time, or if its just BGM for the sake of BGM. Wonder what sort of music we'll get for Rising World.

    I'm into any sort of cool, or well composed music from soundtrack, or anything of that sort. Mainly from games or Anime.

    Silent Hunter 3 has some of the best music.

    Azur Lane music in orchestral form.

    Because of the ending part of the above track I'm going to link to Battlefield 1942 because it had one of the best intros. There is no modern match for this epic game.

    Random music which caught my attention.

    I'm struggling to find good music now listening to the same old batch each and every time.


    Last two being from Sting. The few good tracks I enjoy which are within my tastes.

    The 'Lost my faith in you' track reminded me of an anime music track from the 'Macross' franchise so I spent a good chunk of a year trying to hunt it down back in 2017, or so.

  • If its not a bother I'd love to share a few more tracks. Recently been in a 'mood' so I listened to some NF type tracks.

    Outcast, because that is how I feel locally (where I live) and on Twitter. Its a shame Twitter isn't the same as it was in 2006 onward with how people would actually interact. Now, its turned into nonsense to where if you enjoy something you can't have fun. Everything is a guilt trip.

    This dude makes good music. I love the message he has in his lyrics of still doing things even if different. Even the instrumental alone sounds awesome.

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