Rejected Features Hosted on modding site

  • I'll just post it here on its own because someone got upset at me on the Steam forums.......

    For whatever feature the community rejects for any invalid or valid reason should go onto that mod hosting site. This way everybody is happy. If you don't like anything then don't download the mod.

    1) Zombies

    2) Magic

    3) Experimental Features

    4) Rejected/WIP projects

    5) ???



    Basically put anything the community hates here because you'll otherwise have a stunted game. I keep calling people out, they keep getting upset at me, so simply just put any rejected or underwhelming feature here. People were divided on magic so it should also be its own thing on by allowing you to play with basic elementals from there. Flying, fire, snow, electric, etc... Typical fantasy stuff. Red51 (and friends) need to also populate the pool first to spark interest for others to populate things themselves.

    Even though people tend to view me as vulgar, arrogant, "loud", or whatever fail to see certain things the way I also see them. Rising World has the perfect opportunity to be the "next big game", as we've seen with Medieval Engineer (granted, developers 'abandoned those games) with how modding is keeping it alive, Skyrim modding, Minecraft, etc. I personally see a big opportunity to have Anime mods (as well as American and European ones) being a big thing on this game. With the proper support people shall do whatever they can.

    Zombies for sure need to be a modded thing. There are interested people, they're however being shoved down by paranoia and fear unable to see reason. You try to disclaimer they still tantrum... You just can't win. They ignore everything you say so you can't really can't compromise with them, hence why I'm always hostile and on the offensive. I'm not going to kneel down if the other person won't compromise. Basically put, just put zombies, magic, and anything else on to seed it for other people to add onto it. The more interest the more support you'll get.

    I'm waiting for someone to start whining and moaning how we have to purge mods later down the line...........

    Meet me half way and I'll meet you halfway, it's only fair.:monocle:

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