Love the game! Also found a furnace bug / Issue

  • Hey guys! Brand new to the game, and have been playing it for a few hours. I was trying to find a way to remove fuel from the basic furnace when I built a larger one. I accidentally picked up the furnace, and in so doing lost all the fuel and iron ore that had been in there. I just tested it again with a single iron ore in the furnace, and the ore disappeared. It neither dropped nor was it added to my inventory. Also was not in the furnace still when I placed it again.

    Some other games I've played have worked around this issue by not allowing things to be picked up if they contain other items- furnaces, chests, etc. In the meantime of course I'll just be careful. ;p

    Devs, thanks for all your work on this! I'm enjoying it a lot. :)

  • The furnace implementation is indeed not perfect in the Java version :saint: Removing a furnace causes all ores and fuel in it to despawn unfortunately... the situation is a bit better in the new version though: If you remove a furnace while it still has ores in it, they will just fall to the ground (so you can simply pick them up) ;)

    When it comes to the fuel, however, it's a bit more tricky: There is currently no way to recover it unfortunately. Furnaces don't track which kind of fuel was actually added - that's why we can't just spawn coal or lumber in the world.

    About a way to more quickly fill the furnace: As mentioned by Avanar , you can hold your mouse button while hovering over the individual slots in the furnace. That also works in the new version. It also works for fuel btw, so you only have to hold your mouse button while refueling the furnace.

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