Tool Suggestion

  • A modern tool that allows precise digging patterns. For example, if I wanted to dig out a perfect-square shaped area for a basement, this tool would allow me to do so. A UI will allow you to select the shape you'd want to dig out (note that the tool would dig out only 1 'block' each time you use). I don't even know if this is possible to do how the terrain is made already, then again, I don't know much about the limitations of said terrain. Who knows, for this to be possible, maybe the terrain generator might need a total remake-over? Or hopefully its as simple as a code injection?

  • That's the thing is that the block wouldn't be perfect even with a block frame. The only thing that can make a perfect hole is the terrain tool on creative, so maybe the tool can be like that except in survival!

    No, the issue is with the voxel shape. its not a block shape and additionally the smaller a voxel is the more voxels need to be calculated - which has a direct impact on the performance. I also wish we could have sharp edges (sometimes) but the best way is really to dig a hole and use blocks (resizing and positioning them) to cover it. Then you got your perfect square.

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