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    2. Have not (3) 30%
    3. Not played Minecraft nor FTB (3) 30%


    I know there's a strong Minecraft following greatly disappointed with how Mojang built up Minecraft. How many of you genuinely, actually enjoyed vanilla? I did, and I enjoyed it right up to and maybe slightly before 1.8 second coming. When they didn't care about fixing the boat desyncing one update after nother, the frame-rate issue, render issues, and all that then that's when Minecraft died for me. It's actually more on the multiplayer side when my friends decided to split going into every different direction, but ya. Minecraft died for me on all fronts. I can't find fun in it anymore. I tried suggestion numerous times to insert some sort of ghost mob in the arctic tundra to populate it, same with BBQ grills.....They just didn't care. Ignored every single thing. If they did, then it was done very sloppily. The mod-packs is where all the fun was at, and Feed The Beast was where all the fun was to be found.

    FTB Side - Everything I tried was overly complex and industrial. Being able to build using fancy blocks to make fancy machines. To tech up while teching up in other machines. One item to the next, one machine to the next. Everything was overwhelming if you didn't know what you were doing. I loved it, I loved making railway lines, and I enjoyed being all industrial. I enjoyed making train-tracks the hard way by even making the grease to punch and press things. It was appealing and rewarding. I also loved the autumn biome that I'm hoping to find in this game through seasons. :thumbup: .

    It's a modpack I recommend you check out so you can see where some of my suggestions come from. Maybe we can end up on the same wave-length if you mostly check out modpacks with trains and tech. Maybe that's Mindcrack pack still?


    Ramblings & Opinions:

    As of now, Rising world is far more appealing than the game and the mod-pack itself because it already added what I didn't have to ask for already. Red added in custom posters, the fireplace and grill for cooking, and the rest is in the features to eventually be added, time permitting. Everything I want (minus the AI follower entities) can already be found in the game in one manner or another, or shall be found in it eventually. I know I shouldn't hold up Rising World as something godly as it's early, I haven't played it myself and all that. It is however hitting nice sweet-spot of mine with what I am and was seeking.

    I don't have to ask for BBQ stuff because it's already added by Red from the get-go in February's update. Custom paintings were being looked into MC side; I'm glad I didn't have to ask for that seeing as they're already added with me being able to simply upload images from my anime side of things. Was for the longest time wanting to make and see art galleries of my best Minecraft buddy who left me. I couldn't see his darker (Gothic hell) hobby side because we didn't have custom posters and such...... It's what I wanted to do in Minecraft, yet wasn't able to because of lacking mods and being too sterile.

    What's in the features and planned I'm mostly looking forward to adding in a crimson tree lined road for scenic purposes (Implying seasons here, if a possibility) and to make a rail-road 'company' with steam trains chugging a long with the help of the quick-&-easy building mechanic. To bring cargo across the map in steam trains. I really am wishing for those ghost mobs that interested Red to be added to both help Rising World and to spite Mojang for not caring about their own game. Would be interesting to see that ghost keep people on their guard when in graveyards, mostly for the presence-absent arctic tundra biomes.

    That's if I'm not being stupid while reading things right. I love the realism I'm seeing and I wish I could play Rising World without frying my computer.

    (Edit: I accidentally pressed submit early so I had to rush what I wanted to edit so may find it more rambly than intended.)

  • Alright, I'll just use this thread to post about Minecraft seeing as it's not being used at all.


    - Vanilla Minecraft:

    I find it stupid Mojang/Jeb would tweak horses while ignoring implementing other features into the game. Of all the other features Mojang could have messed with they had to downgrade the horse model.....


    Then laugh about it....Keeping it as it is.


    They could have added storage containers to boats, gave use to ender dragon eggs, place pumpkin pie into the world like cake, and etc. It's just a wasted effort they could have spent on other features.


    - Mob Voting:

    I stumbled across Mojang finally doing something worthwhile, yet silly they have to vote on it. They could have just added all 4 entities, ones I've kept pushing for on both fronts, yet they have to narrow it down to one specific entity.

    - Mob A - (Water):

    A dangerous entity meant to pull you under when being careless island hopping to places. They would attack players, dragging them to drown in the depths with their tongue tentacles.

    - Mob B - (Flying Night Creature):

    It is attracted to insomnia attacking players who haven't slept in a few days. They're to fill in the void of taking advantage of the sky, something I've nudged Red51 to do to Rising World similar to how Jeb acknowledges there's no flying entities in the sky in Minecraft. Take advantage of the sky so players can be encourages to admire the scenery above them.

    - Mob C - "The Hunger" (Eating/Ground):

    Camouflages itself in the ground to eat mobs and items like a trap. It waits for food to come to it, eating it. It's aimed at enchantment while giving some unknown bonuses to the player in the right context.

    - Mob D - "Major Blaze"

    This is a bigger & badder Blaze mob that had shields to block you. It's a brutal chaotic master mob to challenge the adventurous.


    I'm both liking and hating where Minecraft is going, yet curious as to how it'll all fit together. Everything that I've suggested to Red51 seems to be partially noted by Mojang/Jeb that they're now tackling it, yet not fully because of voting purposes. I'm a bit frustrated they have to vote on this while not adding them all in at once.......I guess they want us to feel empowered by a false taste of choice, or it's more of a coding thing.

    I prefer Mob B the most for how it'll take advantage of the air.....[Who shall win this game?] ..... I'm glad I'm seeing side polls of people desiring Mob B, and I hope it stays that way.

  • Minecraft Vanilla:

    I'm going to note that Mojang is indeed learning, just not fully. They finally added in foxes, made boats far more worthwhile, and the Illagers. A few frustrations though......

    1) Mojang constantly attacking Notch in return over SJW related issues. Yes, you don't want to be associated with a "madman", just not doing it professionally. They're too set on making things "professional" that they're alienating and ruining things.

    2) Nether Portal: It's still broken in multiplayer with the first person gaining full access to the portal. People can then raid the first person's base doing crazy things to their base. To mend this you have to manually travel to the nether to find the correct coordinates while dividing by 8 to re-link the portal. Very tedious.

    3) Boats: Still haven't made any cargo boats, though they made it invulnerable. Previous boat would explode when you sneezed, now it doesn't. Still however needs cargo boats seeing as how there's also

    4) Foxes: They added foxes, they made them far more nocturnal, they made them hold onto items making them a nice addition. They however didn't make them tamable.... I wish they will eventually. Do hope Red51 makes them tamable in Rising World.


    Minecraft is "alright". It's still fun, a lot of nice changes. I'm however frustrated with Mojang inheriting Microsoft's mentality needing to attack things on the side while ignoring core features of the gameplay.

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