Experimental AUTO Port Unblocker for windows --- AutoFireWallPortOpenTool

  • Hi Guys

    So now i have coded an automatic port unblocker for your windows firewall and router

    download and unzip using zip 7z or similar, and run the start file,

    this will unblock ports 4254 to 4259 as default but in the folder files you can find a setting file, open it with notepad++ and edit the line set port=4255 too what ever port you wish,

    the script will automatically add all other corresponding ports without the need to add all ports needed, after the script has finished you can also read the report.txt file in the files folder

    this file contains limited information like your ip address and if the firewall ports are open, also you may need to untick the windows incoming connections box, you can find a image that shows you

    the location of this tick box.

    This script uses upnp for unblocking ports in the router but not all routers support upnp and some do but have it turned off, if this does not work for you this could be the problem.

    this also wont work on a 3g, 4g or 5g network or starlink.

    Click the start file to run the program, you will get a report file inside the files folder when done,

    this file should hold your ip address information, you can connect to your server using the local ip and your friends should use the

    public ip

    the gateway is the ip address of your router, if you use this in your browser you should get a popup menu with login and password,

    most routers are admin/admin for both, but some are no password and others have the login details on the router somewhere.

    other information will show if you have already unblocked your ports using this program.

    This program will only unblock windows firewalls ports and some router ports, but not all are compatible,

    also in windows 10 you need to untick the Blocks all incoming connections, including those in the list of allowed,

    this option is under Public Network, under Windows Security

    you can find a settings.bat file in the files folder

    this is where you can change your port for your server

    set port=4255 is the default, to change just replace the 4255 with the port you need, but remember if you change this port you also need to edit the RW server.properties file port setting

    Error No IGD UPnP Device found on the network ! <------- means a non compatible connection, your router may not support UPnP

    After using this tool how about installing the server using my RWAutoServerInstaller link here > RWAutoServerInstaller for Unity only <


    Yahgiggle Steam Signature, real name Deon Hamilton :thumbsup: Server @ ip Name (The Federation of territory) Unity :thumbsup:

    If at first your code does not work call it version 0.1 with the odd bug :thinking:

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