Creative mode and food

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Most people seem to have not noticed that their hunger and thirst stops increasing/ fading to red in creative mode. You can't demo that aspect of the game in that mode. Some are trying and getting confused. You can make yourself hungry and thirsty by eating burnt food. <X It also damages you. :cursing:
    However unlike minecraft you don't slowly heal and gain satiation over time in creative.
    This is not a clone of mindcraft and should not be.

    PS. If you're looking for melons get out of fly mode and slow down. Watching 6 gamers in a row on youtube zoom past them is just painful. And yes I'm one of the six.

  • I agree.
    I think people tend to make 2 mistakes about this game:
    1- They retain that "Minecraft mindset". This ain't Minecraft. While it does have mining, crafting, survival, etc. in common, it's a completely different game and you can't compare the two. RW goes way beyond 'Minecraft on steroids'. That's what makes this game so special- it's not like Minecraft!
    2- That's not a "health" bar in the lower left corner. That bar only goes one way- down. It's more like a "life" bar showing how much life you have left (or, in a weird way, think of it as your age bar). Once you run out of life (or "get old"), you die. Some (risky) things (like falling) reduces your life faster. You can eat, drink, and be merry all you want.... but you can't get younger.

  • @Geneo Does that "life" bar go down automatically without taking any damage currently? I have not seen this, but then haven't played for more then like an hour at a time. Only way I have seen red on that bar is from falling. I suppose now it will go down because of starvation or extreme thirst... maybe I will test this tonight hehe

    @red51 will there be no way to regen that green "life" bar in bottom left? I assumed we will have ways of getting it back to full again.

  • @red51 will there be no way to regen that green "life" bar in bottom left? I assumed we will have ways of getting it back to full again.

    ok I'm stumped mine regened when I ate cooked food and its always red? Oh and I have the dayz broken leg icon after a fall and nothing makes it go away. lol. No ill effects yet it seems. No limp. Nice work @red51

    I Messed about on multi player. If anyone finds a extra melon in their tent, wes was there. lol. nice fenced house.
    I also found that you can tunnel outside the world mesh. As long as the mesh is in range you can use the pick on it expanding a tunnel from outside. Works even with F2 off but its precarious. Makes tunneling very interesting with fly mode on. I thought the whole ideas of calculating normals on marching cubes was so one side was a solid collision mesh and the other side no collide so if things pop out they then fall back in.

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