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  • It's quite interesting how deep music goes, even its own language that speaks to one and all. Not many people can grasp the full glory of music, only capable of comprehending half of it, or maybe more realistically a fraction of its full potential. It can be so much more, yet is often stunted by mainstream greed and nonsense. Following various musical artists I've come to appreciate music more and more finding deeper values, meaning, and languages within. I'm still ignorant, yet still overly grateful for what Anime, various musical composers, and others have taught others and myself; What I have come to comprehend. I've dabbed into a bit of music myself going more with feeling and vibes, I however am proud of ONE music track thanks to a German setting me off (in a competition) trying to claim my spot in a 'Petroglyph games forum' relating to music. I needed that spark, though its in a contest of not blaming him. I'm constantly outcasted by people for the stupidest of reasons. I wanted to secure my spot as a "music guy" for a community fan-fic.

    Music is my partner, it's my friend. I may not be fluent with it, I however love how it sooths and speaks to me. Actual properly composed music tracks, not ones made for cheap BGM purposes.


    My Music:

    One of my best tracks can be found on Soundcloud all made using Fruityloops. If I was to use Fruityloops again I'd be happy to mix music again, or at least try.

    - Internal Conflict (Battle Theme):

    - Varakitsu's Theme:

    (A theme for my blog's mascot, an arctic fox personification in human female form.)


    Music is a major theme in Japanese anime, as such in Macross series, or even the Chinese Genshin Impact scene. I've come to post about the overly popular 'Fibonacci Sequence', something the Japanese and Chinese love a LOT. I always see it, even via art (if used ironically, at times). My friend knocked me on not understanding music, and he may be right. I go with feeling over theories, and other stuff. Other people can out-logic me, I can however compose something through feelings. If it's actually music to other people is another thing, hence why I admire Asian (and European) composers a lot. I listen to a lot of non-mainstream music.

    - Composing music using math, Fibonacci Sequence for Genshin Impact's music.


    It's even referenced in a Korean game named 'Nikke', published by China's Tencent.

    This makes me genuinely curious to know at what level Waveshapr is on, or if they also make music on a "natural feeling" manner, or use "music logic" in their sense. I'm also curious thanks to a Youtuber, and ex Opera singer, Marco (MarcoMeatBall). Marco is able to tell how traits and personality of characters by the instruments, patterns, motifs, etc used in the musical language.

    Not just for Genshin either, I'm just using it because I'm a Genshin Impact fan. Pick any game, it's supposed to speak and actual language. Pick Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma, etc. Music is supposed to convey a mood, a scene, a language in a way people can comprehend. Whenever game developers, modders, indie developers, musical artist share their trade I always make note of what they share with others, to the best of my abilities and memories. Sadly, memory tends to fade so things come and go with the wind, I however do try my best to retain various information. I still however admire how free European media used to be, something the Japanese media is now, and the ever-growing Chinese market thanks to how corrupt and broken the North American market is over faux-politics. Nothing is free anymore, hence why those markets overseas are booming. I grew up with philosophical Europeans, and I miss not being around them anymore. Everything is so fake forcing me into the Asian market. I used to seek out European content, I partially do, while also admiring everything Asian with how failed the western market has become over fake thinking, beliefs, etc. It's also why I'm ghosted, even if other people's excuses deflect the reasoning elsewhere. Can't run from the truth.

    How I miss genuine storytelling and composing from the past, something becoming harder and harder. Something still captured in small pockets, or majorly in Asian markets.

    You can tell the mood in Das Boot, how brutal it is.

    Star Wars Andor has done a great job recently being true to Star Wars convoying the horrors of a growing Imperial Empire, the torture, the tension. The way Star Wars should be.

    Music is a way of life. Very philosophical, very emotional, very ...... speaks many tones. :nerd:

  • A quick example of 'Fibonacci Sequence' in Pixiv art, or at least in Genshin Impact.


    Katyusha Pravda

    2 weeks ago

    The golden ratio can also be found in Eula's body. I don't even joking, look at when she bends her body when dancing. That's a perfect golden ratio

    People may dislike it, it is however genuine. Math was used to make a dance pose visually pleasing. Schools teach math in a way you refuse to learn, there are more worthwhile ways of learning math when taught properly. Sure, maybe not "teasefully", more in a fun and enjoyable way. People learn subjects in boring ways in which video games is a good medium to learn things properly, even if it's through World War 2 games like Silent Hunter 3, Kantai Collection, or even Azur Lane. If you make things fun people will learn more readily and eagerly. People learned history from the likes of Rome Total War, even searching up various history channels on Youtube, etc, seeking out actual engaging educators and knowledgably folks. We need more proper influential educators and role-models, sadly corrupted by faux-political nonsense and weirdness everywhere. Canadian teachers are striking every year, even if they drive around in convertable BMW's telling their students to be all "hush hush" then bully their students every other day. It happened, no joke. How I love games and mediums that speak naturally without being corrupted. How I used to admire European mediums, now struggling to even find one piece of it. Rising World is that last bit of salvation. Granted, I've found other mediums, though one per year, or similar.

    Everything Pixiv would be considered "lewd" to people so have a Japanese Tsunami as an example. I'll have to dig deeper, but I guess this Tsunami is a good example than any.


    This now has me wondering if Rising World uses any form of 'Fibonacci Sequence', or if Rising World simply wants to be this semi-complex game staying on the "safe side". I'm curious what side of the fence Rising World wants to be on. I know I tend to set flames in my suggestions, I genuinely am curious how the original Rising World was intended to release on the market. Safely, or with some philosophical addictions. I wonder if Waveshapr even has any other musical additions I'm ignorant and unaware of. Should be interesting.

    I wonder if Rising World is hiding any artistic secrets in any front, whether it be model, music, or anything, or if Red51 may feel devious in adding it from here on out. May be something worth looking into, if able. I really am curious, I however would be too ignorant to genuinely spot it unless pointed towards it.

    Very secretive, very suspenseful.:monocle:

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