vector placement/block

  • this would be a big ask, but it would be very useful for making irregular shapes, like letters and filigree. i'd like to see either a tool that allows block placement like the above gifs, or specific blocks that behave this way (a cuboid and cylindrical version, ideally).

    basically vectors, where you set individual points and the game would generate connected blocks that follow that path-one block between each pair of points, stretched and rotated as needed automatically. (i don't mean for them to create unique solid singular blocks, like the gif showing the result being a pen tip- i just mean the outline) i know the curvy one would be extra difficult, but i would be plenty happy with just the straight one, as you could still use it to make your own curves a bit easier than currently.

    i also know you can do this by hand already- placing, snapping, and rotating blocks one by one. i just think this would be a cool feature that would make it easier/more fun to do... and a bit more immersive for things like rope.

    ich kann nur ein bisschen deutsch sprechen (mehr lesen). fur alles andere, es gibt google translate.

    any blueprints i share are free to use however you want (aside from selling them obviously), but i would love to see what you do with them, and be sure to credit me when you share projects that involve my work.

    Bitte verlinken Sie zurück zu meinen Blueprint-Threads (oder erwähnen Sie zumindest meinen Namen), wenn Sie Projekte hochladen, die meine Arbeit verwenden.

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