reindeer/rudolph decoration

  • just this silly one for now but i want to make some other styles as well and will add them to this thread when i do

    i'm pretty sure female reindeer do in fact have antlers but eh, figured an antler-less version couldn't hurt

  • silly? .... noooo .... i love them :love: :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    i'm glad you like them! i meant 'silly' in a good way, they're meant to be simple and cute. the others i'm planning to make will be more realistic and elegant.

    ich kann nur ein bisschen deutsch sprechen (mehr lesen). fur alles andere, es gibt google translate.

    any blueprints i share are free to use however you want (aside from selling them obviously), but i would love to see what you do with them, and be sure to credit me when you share projects that involve my work.

    Bitte verlinken Sie zurück zu meinen Blueprint-Threads (oder erwähnen Sie zumindest meinen Namen), wenn Sie Projekte hochladen, die meine Arbeit verwenden.

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