Game crashes upon loading onto Public server

  • Hello,

    Am unable to launch the new version of game in multiplayer. Yesterday game worked fine but kept crashing in the middle of playing in Multiplayer. My ping was rather high too 135.

    Today i cannot log on it loads freezes mid way and disconnects me. i have tried verifying files successfully two times and unistalling and reinstalling to no avail. Help.

  • The ping is indeed to be expected, but the game shouldn't crash :wat: Do you still run into this issue? Maybe you could send us a report? If the game crashes again, please restart the game (to the main menu), then open the console (key ~ or `) and type "report" (maybe add some additional information like "game crashes when joining a server") and send the report ;) The report automatically attaches the current and the previous log, so if you do that right after a crash, it may contain a few more information about it ^^

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