Changelog 2014-10-19: Constructionsystem and more

  • Hi folks,

    finally the new update is available! As already mentioned in the previous news, this update mainly introduces the extended construction system. Currently only wooden planks are available as construction element, but more will follow shortly.

    Since the extended construction system has a lot of functions, we introduced a new help overview for this which can be accessed ingame by pressing F1. This new help is currently available when placing constructions or objects. We want to expand it for everything else in the game, so that F1 becomes an universal help key.

    Apart from the new construction system, we have a small suprise: Grass is now no longer visible through objects, items and trees. This feature can be disabled of course, since it does not come for free in terms of performance.

    Another aspect of this update is a new object: A simple shelter, made out of sticks and leaves, serving as a sleeping place. A workbench is not required to craft it, so you should definitely be able to craft it before nightfall.

    Last but not least this update contains as usual some minor changes and obligatory bugfixes.

    Full changelog:

    • [New] Extended Construction System
    • [New] Grass is no longer visible through objects, items and trees (can be enabled/disabled in options, labeled as "Gras Masking")
    • [New] New object: Shelter
    • [New] When converting an old world, a backup of this world is created. Can be disabled in the config
    • [Change] Now you only need 1 stone to create a block (instead of 2 stones)
    • [Change] Removed slope blocktypes. When loading the world for the first time, you receive stome as a compensation for the removed slopes
    • [Change] Removed planks and boards as resource for crafting, replaced now by "lumber"
    • [Change] Objects can now be stacked in your inventory
    • [Change] Changed default key for flying, it's now F2
    • [Change] Disabled specular lighting for objects, since they became too bright when several lightsources were nearby
    • [Change] Improved collision shape generation (slightly better performance)
    • [Change] Game pauses now when it loses the focus
    • [Change] Updated functionality of object selector
    • [Change] Changed some recipes and updated a few categories
    • [Bugfix] Fixed some problems with aiming at objects or items
    • [Bugfix] Fixed ugly "black borders" on vegetations when SSAO is enabled
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug concerning collisions that won't be removed on minimum view distance
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong rotationsteps for objects placement preview
  • Thanks! ;) The tent is a single object, but in the future, we also want to offer such a "wall of leaves" also as construction element (for example for roofs), then it would also be possible to build something like the shelter by hand ;) With the exception, that you can't interact with it of course...
    But apart from that, we want to add more objects like the shelter. I think they will also be the primary objects in the planned "Stranded"-Gamemode in the future.

  • <p>instead of relying on the whole shelter obect for interaction, i think it would be more wise to make a bedroll or something along these lines that you can put inside the *buit-by-hand* tent.&nbsp;</p>

  • That would be a possibility, something similar was already planned for objects like a crew tent, which would be large enough to go inside. We wanted to introduce a camp bed for example, which has to be placed separately from the tent.
    We will think about it :) Currently the shelter should be more like a "temporary solution". In the future, it will probably collapse after a few nights. We simply wanted to give you the ability to spend the first night in it, since you won't be able to craft a house before nightfall, and objects like beds or tents will require wool or textiles for crafting that would be difficult to acquire the first day ;)

  • A small bugfix is available! Three of the bugs have nothing to do with the latest update, but have been there since a few versions.

    Changelog Bugfix 2014-10-20:

    • [Bugfix] Fixed grass removal when placing multiple blocks in a row
    • [Bugfix] Fixed somtimes missing grass on distance when chunk was edited
    • [Bugfix] Fixed lighting of custom images
    • [Bugfix] Fixed SSAO effect for custom images
  • Another bugfix is available! This may help you especially when you had trouble loading an old world (this bug only occured in some cases). Please let us know if you still can't load a world, or when you encounter another problem.

    Changelog Bugfix 2014-10-22:

    • [Change] Application does not pause anymore when losing focus until main menu is reached (can be specified in config)
    • [Change] Construction item is no longer freezed when you change your item and when it was freezed previously
    • [Bugfix] Fixed error when loading an old world
    • [Bugfix] Fixed preview material of construction element in crafting menu

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