Have a Lovely Merry Christmas

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  • December 15, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas:

    Almost there. One week and a few days left until I can let this thread go. Need to stay festive. :party:

    You know the drill.
    (Azur Lane Canadian shipgirls in Ottawa with Krampus in the background.)




    Krampus is spooky, yet awesome. I love how some of the girls have some neat cool appearances, especially some overly smug expressions, while others are "softer". I found a new prompt to play with, maybe I'll continue sharing those.

    I'll soon have time to play more Rising World next week to set up swiftly for Christmas. See you then on Monday & Tuesday. You'll see more Rising World stuff on my end then, and more on December 31st once Steam decides to unban me over their own idiocies and censorship.

    Once again, Merry Christmas! Yes, even to Red51. Stay festive! :party:

  • December 16, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas:

    Tired. Sleepy...... Is it Monday or Tuesday yet? No. Ok. More AI art then.




    Yeah, you know the drill. Throughout these days they indeed do miss their warship rigging attachments (Bing is stupid) so you only get the human side, the cape, and the festivities. The focus is indeed festivities, but being a Canadian I have to hype it up with a mixture of everything. It fills in various voids. That, and Krampus. I'm actually kind of relieved you had politically moronic individuals blaming the wrong group allowing me the chance to mix Krampus in with something else. Experimentation and curiousity. Turning other people's stupidity into content.

    Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 17, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas:

    Still sleepy tired, yet almost at the Rising World playing mark (Monday & Tuesday). Shall see if, and what I manage.




    My favourite from the batch? This one.

    Look at the cape. It reminds me of Slovakia, the more traditional side of Slovakia. It's like a mix between Canada & Slovakia and I love it. I love how I can connect with stuff even if it's generic AI art. :nerd:

    Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 18, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas:

    Belated start, and a belated finish for the night trying to get everything I could done before my time ran out. WIP images here, completed images shall be found in the server presentation thread later. (And on Steam once my abusive censorship ban runs out at the end of December 31st, 2023).

    - Golden Ninja Stars for helping a Steam user on Cyberpunk 2077 forums. I was gifted one Golden Ninja Star.

    - WIP rooms (9 floors). Shall furnish later.

    - "Blue Tower", at night. (Name tentative).

    - Merry Christmas!

    - Building a park to hold seasonal events.

    - What I finished with for the night. I ran out.

    (I'll polish everything up later. I was trying to rush before all my time ran out.)

    Merry Christmas from Rising World.

    While building away I had a lot of time to think about how abusive people have been, how fake people have been, and how Steam is too bloated to the point they censor and ban people for not towing the corrupted line. Certain users who accused me of being allegedly "whiny" are too innocent, and I had more than enough time to process all the accusations pinned on me. With Rising World facing financial issues it be nice if people could pull their weight, as much as I keep trying to fill in the gaps in other areas.

    Once my backlogs loosen up I'll try to do what I can. If I'm provided tools (modding tools) I'll do everything myself. If not, I can't help Rising World.

    And I figured Red51 would release his update at the very last minute of December. We're now on December 19, even if my post says December 18. I'm lagging behind a tad bit thanks to my various projects (IRL & gaming).


    Need to stay festive, and festive I've been trying to stay.

    The one time I find the Rising World to be genuinely wholesome is in this thread, and this thread alone.


    The one and only time someone (including Red51) has gone full on comical and wholesome. :wow:

    - Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 19, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas:

    I know people would tell me not to do daily posts, but we're almost at December 25th. We're almost at Christmas, so 5 more days (or 6, from this post). Been held back by my happy Japan blog post thoughts, and even playing Pokemon Violet on the side with DLC1, not DLC2. Happily caught Vulpix aiming for a shiny version. Google what I mean if you're unsure.

    As for today's festive AI Pictures I inserted German flags into the mix. Sadly, that took away the maple leaf of on the cape. I'm well aware Germans are told to be timid and covert people when it comes to their national pride, but there is nothing wrong about that. I should know, I'm Canadian and we're constantly being gaslit into "self-deletion". We should be proud of who we are; Not some walking drones. Let's be festive and happy.




    (I love it when sailing ships appear in the AI art. I however wish Maple Leafs appeared on the cape. On one, but not on the rest.)

    I'm also happy I'm not the only one desiring to see HMCS Haida in the game called Azur Lane (also applies for KanColle). It makes me happy when we can be true to ourselves, even connecting to our birthplaces, and homes. We should be happy, grateful, and thankful for what we have, where we are, and even seeking positives in life.

    Red51 is well aware of how much I desire to connect with my Canadians (I shared him 3 models of Canadian vessels). It can wait till when Mod.io is ready, or whenever everything allows it to happen. No pressure to Red51, though I hope I can eventually connect with my fellow Canadians in Azur Lane, KanColle, or even Rising World in a patriotic way (festive way), and not a brainless political way throwing me under the bus each and every time treating me like some circus show or an outcast. Throw the politics out the door and stop accusing me of their own sins (as people had done on other forums). It honestly made me proud and happy I could talk with people on a human level in the Japanese realm. No politics, just happy Japanese thoughts of my travel back in April. That's how everything should be, yet people won't allow it. I had a happy time conversing with the Japanese and it was the best thing ever. Especially how they're patriotically proud of their own nation.

    Can't wait to go back to "complete" my Seasonal park. I need more new items to spruce it up, such as Maple trees, cherry trees, and whatever is colourful in that non-green manner. More seasonal items. I'll even expand that "park" later when we obtain new goodies.

    And I keep noting it, Red51 shall push this to the final date seeing as how we're on the December 20th, not December 18th. I saw it coming. Rest of us did as well. I wish I could have played with the new update sooner so I had more time to prepare for seasonal festivities. I'll do something quickly on Friday, or something.

    Merry Christmas! :party:


    [Side-note: Because I missed a day there shall be another festive post tonight.]

  • December 20, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas:

    Still smiling over how someone else (other than myself) desired to see HMCS Haida in a naval game (Azur Lane). For Christmas I wish for game developers (in general) to wise up for 2024 to simply add things just because they can and not make up lame excuses as to not to anything. Some developer somewhere (with Red51) needs to continue to help break the mold to do what others haven't done, especially since 2006 with Silent Hunter 3. Nobody wants to replicate the proper formula's to make game awesome. Everybody always takes the safe copy-paste route. Everybody is a coward.

    I also saw Twitter/X was down for 1-2 hours. I watched Anime so I was fine (mostly).


    Even though I'm censorship banned by Steam (banned for sneezing; Retrobanned, etc) I still had some great fun with games. Rising World is one of my top games, VRChat being second, and everything else following behind that. Rising World, VRChat, and Hololive games are my top games. For mobile games it's Azur Lane & Blue Archive, hence these AI images of Canadian shipgirls.

    I tried for simple Medieval theme. Make of it what you will.



    Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 21, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas:

    Still waiting on Rising World to update, eh? We're really getting fairly close to the finish line at this point without really reaching it. I'm not blaming Red51, I'm just worried, that's all. Concerned. December 21st of December 31st. Also barely keeping up with my own promises of daily posting thanks to how chaotic my workplace is and how stupid people can be in the real world. Over work, under-paid. Madness. Fatigue. I thankfully have Azur Lane keeping me company for times Rising World is unable to. New event released with Guam, and others. You guys can go Google it up.

    As per usual, more AI art to spread the festive Christmas charms, something we're not allowed to have in this day and age. We're supposed to be happy and festive. Let's be happy. :party:

    Experimenting with new prompts. Yes, I made sure the AI would know we're celebrating Christmas.




    Merry Christmas! :party:

    P.S: And I genuinely am worried for Rising World now, even knowing full well Red51 desires to update to the last minute. I don't want to pressure Red51, just concerned.

  • December 22, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas:

    Going to share something more generic because I've noticed the community being boring and antsy, as per usual. Downer-debbies. Shame. All this stressed Red51 out. I've sent out another angry support ticket to Steam support expecting to be rejected, yet yelling at them for being hypocritical weirdoes.

    Some more attempted festive AI art images containing Canadian and German warships from WW2 era, with a touch of Christmas vibes. I believe my shipgirl prompts provided better results. :monocle:




    Even though I'm happy with Rising World, it genuinely makes me depressed reading the forums of Rising World. Maybe I should stop, as a certain someone has as well. It's simply too depressing reading people's pessimistic postings, gaslighting, or other weirdness. Everybody is so needlessly pessimistic.

    Still patiently waiting for the Rising World update wishing Red51 every bit of positivity we both can imagine. Good luck, Red51. I know I keep saying this, but seriously. Good luck. You seriously need it this time around with how rapidly we're nearing December 25th and 31st.

    I agree with Avanar on this one. Just be festive, be happy, and let's have fun going forward. Let's just simply have fun with Rising World and do what we can for the game. It needs all our help, and we need to help it out instead of constantly being pessimistic.

    Maybe I really should share one proper image I genuinely desire. It has a neat new vehicle I wouldn't mind toying around with for concept purposes, especially for Christmas vibes. Maybe even for RPG Maker purposes, something I still need to get around to working on.

  • December 23, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas:

    I'm now getting bored of Bing AI image creator desiring something more proper. Maybe actual Christmas celebrations, actual Canadian content, or more genuine perspectives. Everything has to be so fake and mind numbing it all becomes troublesome (I'm not talking about AI). Trying to have fun where able though. Bing AI decided to lock me out for 8 attempts it blew the steam out of my enthusiasm. Microsoft sucks on everything, including Minecraft, Flight SImulator, and AI prompts. Screw off........ So corrupted, and bloated.



    And the best for last.

    Two more days to go, then I'm done with this thread. I simply desire the upcoming Rising World update with horses (and biomes) so I can continue having fun in that game. I then desire to see fishing and hopefully trains and boats after that. I'm genuinely itching for trains so badly...

    I'm also more on the tired-depressed side again because of how people behave. I need a proper dose of positivity and kindness from people (again), though am aware people enjoy being stubborn in both IRL and virtual manners. I'm genuinely however fed up of people telling me everything is my fault when they themselves need to look in the mirror. It's December, let's have proper fun.

    (I initially desired to share this Azur Lane Guam screencapture in this thread, not the alternate one elsewhere relating to Rising World. It summarizes my reaction on most fake things happening everywhere; Forums, Twitter/X, Steam Censorship [Bans], Discord, etc. Yeah, realy..... Holy shit......)

    I'll need to eventually find actual helpful people in the near future to help me with my side-projects and Rising World creativity.


    Merry Christmas!:party:

    We're almost there, though Red51 seems to be suffering a lot (or hopefully having fun during Christmas). We may not have a Rising World update for 2023, I however do have another indie game which shall update tomorrow, or Monday (24, or 25th). Indie games are fun. Maybe Rising World shall be covertly dropped as a surprise for Christmas, or it may actually be last minute 2023 drop. Or even 2024, as others have pessimistically suspected.

  • December 24, 2023 - Merry Christmas Eve!

    Merry Christmas Eve! :party:

    It's a shame we don't have a Rising World update, nor an indie game update I was looking forward to. Two games postponed till New Year's day, or beyond. Technical difficulties, etc.

    Had semi-fun in VRChat, even if I was lonely. It isn't what it used to be. VRChat is lonelier now more than ever with friends gone off doing their thing, and people simply being political and not neutral. Nobody knows how to have fun anymore, nor do they reach out. That's people's problem, they don't reach out. They shell up and hole up in their social bubble. It had me explore solo. Loneliness is one of the worst feelings you can have, especially seeing how we're social creatures. We need to talk or else we simply end things brutally. People are more cruel than they ever were. Good thing there is Anime to distract you long enough to feel a drug-like happiness.



    Christmas in KanColle, a game overtaken by Azur Lane.


    - Admiral!Happy Christmas!今日は飲みましょう。乾杯!いいわね、こんな日も。

    (Admiral! Happy Christmas! Let’s have a drink today. Cheers! Today is a lovely day too.)

    Nothing on the Azur Lane side. Just festive outfits, that's all.

    One more day and then this thread shall have seen its use. Thanks for putting up with this thread, even if I'm constantly needlessly thrown under the bus day in and day out. I simply desired to be festive, especially trying to eargly wait for two indie games (this and a +18 game's update), neither of which saw the light of day. Maybe later. I guess we shall be ending the year on a negative note, even if it was my Rabbit year allowing me to have visited Japan for 35-ish days. Good start, bad burn, and horrible crashing of the year (People in general need to be more positive and less of a debbie-downers). Maybe.

    Merry Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 25, 2023 - Merry Christmas! WOOOOOO!~ :party:

    My final round of festive cheer to one and all. Merry Christmas everybody! I know this is late, I've been all over the place myself. Rising World still hasn't updated, nor has my other indie game I'm following (it'll release in 2024). It's been a nice awesome Christmas (in certain ways).

    I had a lovely Azur Lane Christmas! WOOO!~ :party::party:

    Friend (roommmate/host) gifted me Azur Lane cards for Christmas. Small stuff because I've been struggling lately in building model kits. Too busy, not enough time, also focusing on other projects (Japan related). The other gifted me a winter jacket for my upcoming Japan 2024 Sapporo winter festival trip.

    - My Azur Lane gifts. Boosters in blue, trial deck in red. Yes, it's themed to Ironblood, meaning German WW2 shipgirls. ;)

    Yes, it has Bismarck and Tirpitz, as well as other lovely German shipgirls.

    - So satisfying opening up booster cards.

    - A third of my card collection now. Simply focusing on foils (the shiny cards).


    Their cat was stepping on my cards to which I had to shoo her away. She was rolling around, investigating, etc. She was high on catnip. You could probably see a bit of her in the two above images on the top of the pictures.

    - I proudly have an shiny foil HMS Fortune. Nice!

    - Anime tourists were making needlessly big fuss about Kashino. I also proudly have her as a shiny foil. ;)

    And with the $50 Steam gift card I managed to buy two games. I strongly desired them.

    1) Yakuza - Like a Dragon

    2) Fate Samurai Remnant

    Shall happily play this on my Steam Deck, as with other games. Can't wait to get back to Rising World though.



    To those who took the time to note their best wishes in this thread, I thank you greatly and highly. You guys shall have great karma going into 2024. As for those who are childish, even intentionally/purposely avoiding my threads, expect bad karma going your way for thinking vile thoughts. Karma shall catch up to you sooner or later. You throw people under the bus then expect bad things in return, it's common sense. For 2024 I expect people to return to their own sane ways; Actual genuine positive ways, not fake 1950's positive ways. It's for the best and the benefit of your own health and everybody else to be genuinely positive, not fake positive. :D

    I also see this thread and it makes me facepalm. Makes me happy people are festive, though people need to hold less grudges.


    Seriously. Hold less grudges and be more productive in society. Be kinder, be nicer. Stop throwing people under a bus over stupid egos. We just had Christmas, now going into New Years. Stop being bitter. I know I"m saying what I'm seeing, be more jolly and honest. Simple. People had a whole month and they instead chose to throw people under a bus. Shame. Bad karma indeed.

    I genuinely and honestly wish Red51 and team my honest and best wishes. Hope Red51 & team had a great Christmas. I wish them the fullest best of luck, as I always had been doing since 2015. I hope the next update, and those following, shall be released and well released in a healthy state. Red51 has an awesome game, hence why I'm here. I hope Red51 shall finally stop hitting various horrible hurdles and that we'll finally have our awesome updates, in due time. Also hoping Red51 had their well deserved Christmas vacation. :monocle::party:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    (This thread has now seen its use. It served its full purpose. It also showed me who has was genuine and who was fake.)

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