Have a Lovely Merry Christmas

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  • Have a lovely Merry Christmas!


    (Bing AI Image Art)


    I'll try to have a lovely December festivities, mainly in my RW world, I however won't be allowed to upload anything onto Steam. I'm not allowed to share comments, post pictures, nor interact. I've been banned till December 31st, 2023 all because people want to destroy the world. Rising World forums (and RW Steam forums) both noted how everything is also always allegedly my fault so I won't be having a lovely Rising World Merry Christmas on this front either, though shall try to have fun elsewhere. Feeling like I've being forced to be muted on all fronts because other people are too sensitive, or whatever. I still wish you guys a Merry Christmas even if I'm not allowed to have one on Steam, nor both fronts of Rising World forums. Everybody reports every post you put with everything being offensive. You're just not allowed to be yourself, nor expressive. Shame.

    No pressure to Red51, though the sooner we can have the biomes update the sooner I can work on reaching a snow biome for some Christmas vibes; For both December 5th and December 25th (or was it 24?). I wish Red51 and team the best, and for everybody to help Red51, where able. If he can't, he can't, and I won't blame him for that. I however want to create "something" Christmas oriented sooner. Red51 over-rides everything here.

    I wonder how nice people shall be now knowing I have no interactive capabilities on Steam. I won't be able to upload anything until January 1st. I blame Steam for doing the most damage for giving in to people who abuse the report button.

    But yeah, Merry Christmas!

    Here are some Bing AI Image generation of Azur Lane Canadian shipgirl during Christmas, also in Ottawa. We need SOME festive mood in here, especially with all the negativity floating around.


  • December 2nd, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    Might as well, Steam Support told me I'm useless and I amount to nothing so I might as well keep posting in this thread until Christmas. My post shall contain Christmas images (from Bing AI, and whatever else). I need to be festive.

    "No fun allowed!" & "how dare you have fun! BANNED! One month ban!" :angry:

    (A Singular ban from a useless game somehow means "plural". Plural is many, not One. Singular is one, plural is many. Steam Support is drugged up, drunk, and spiteful.)

    "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."


    A forum user from Cyberpunk 2077 was happy I helped them out with finding their screenshot folder on the Steam Deck. WOOO!~ :party::party::party::party::party::party::party:

    I earned a Gold Ninja Star! I now need to have it turned into an image and post it in my Rising World museum. I need to turn this into a physical award for myself. :party:


    And Merry Christmas!

    (Day 2)


    Nice! They don't have the ship riggings from KanColle, nor Azur Lane, they however fill in the blank I otherwise am not allowed to have. Very fuzzy and warm. I love it! I love the third image with the Canadian shipgirl carrying a ship model and with the Parliament building in the back. That image is very close to reality.


    Merry Christmas to you too, there will always be someone who wants to make trouble for other's enjoyment, but in my experience (although it is hard) is just not respond to those who try.


    Always! That's how you know you're doing good the more you bump heads with people, including Steam Support. :wacko: It's usually the opposite, but we now live in a world where everything is "offensive" so the opposite is now in effect. It's weird.

    With me being banned I might as well post on the daily in this thread (even though I desired to be silent on the forum) just to keep myself positive and to be in touch with the Christmas vibes, even if they're from Bing AI, etc.

    Maybe I'll share Azur Lane images, VRChat images, and hopefully Rising World Christmas screenshots leading up into the New Year. If Red51 desires me not to share external festive games of December then now is the time to chime up so I can post Bing AI art only. I'm not allowed to have fun in other sectors, but I'll make my own pocket of fun on both Twitter/X, and even on here. I'm not allowed on Steam forums. :silenced: I hope the Rising World update releases at least in Mid-December. Red51 noted he desired a 2023 release, maybe he should feature-freeze some elements and add them in as a hot-fix, as he done prior with standing torches. Just a thought.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!~ :party:

  • December 3nd, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    Day 3 of December! Need to keep things festive, even if Steam Support is trying to blame everything on me. They're not budging. They keep falsely assuming all my bans are properly applied, even if I strongly 100% believe majority to be troll-bans, as such from Samurai Maiden, She Shall Punish Them, and even this other indie game I won't name. Troll bans!

    But yeah, need to stay focused on festivities. Bought a gift for one of my roommate, need to do so for my other roommate. Half of it will have to wait for when I go back to Japan bringing back small gifts. Even purchased some wireless earbuds for myself (and my host/roommate). Even have a new HMDI splitter having to go to three stores before finding a proper HMDI cable to plug into my TV (4 ft). HDMI stuff is for my Steam Deck and Dock.

    2 of 8 Golden Ninja Stars. :party:

    (Going to display these Stars images for having been gifted them by a Cyberpunk 2077 Steam forum user.)


    Some more Bing AI image art on the lines of - "Azur lane in Canadian uniform in Ottawa". :party:



    And the "best", for last. I love how these girls hold onto model warships. I need to somehow force more of this out. :wow:<3


    Merry Christmas!

    (Yes, I'm posting up to December 25th, and maybe into the 31st, or even New Year's).

  • December 4nd, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    We're now four days in making our way closer to Christmas. WOOO!~

    Steam Support stubbornly (doubled down on many levels) noting how I'm a worthless human being. I'm not allowed to post, nor do anything. Everything is my fault to people and Steam Support and I hate people for that. So disingenuous of them. They closed my ticket so you're stuck with me here, unless Red51 or someone else does something. I will however note moderators are asleep on here.

    My area has freezing rain and snow mix so that's fun. We should be getting between 10-23 cm, depending on what actually happens. Finally have Christmas weather here with ice pellets falling in unison with snow.


    A very Merry Christmas to you too!!! :D

    WOOO!~ :party:

    Thank you! Same to you! :party:

    merry christmas to everyone. sometimes i'm lurking here, do you thnk there will be a christmans update like hostile animals and husbandry? i'd love that

    Let's have a good Christmas! :party:

    Lurking is fine, no problems with that. There will be a Christmas update with biomes and horses, among other surprises. Let Red51 surprise you. I hope he gets his update out in time.


    Two batches of images

    - Rising World - Vathunver Station - Storage & Hotel:

    I'll post this in my main thread later. Just doing a quick posting for now.

    Busy furnishing it, inside and out. Once we get more I'll continue decorating the rooms. I need to add one more green ring around the building, it's however done. Need to add banisters to stairway and the roof. I'll also post a more complete form of it on the other main thread and on Steam, after I'm unbanned on Dec 31st. Stupid Steam Support. Morons.

    And then we have Bing AI KanColle Christmas in Ottawa art, in Canadian theme.

    Merry Christmas! :party:

  • nice!!

  • December 5nd, 2023 - Happy Sinterklaas Day!

    I'm sure Europeans know about it, but to any lurking non-Europeans could simply view it as a "mini-Christmas". Just place slippers under a window, fireplace, etc to receive small gifts from others. Instead of a tree it's simple footwear. There are also other traditional aspects tied to it, maybe such as being smacked in the rear end with a wooden braided rug smacker (or maybe I'm mixing up two festivities with one). It's all in good fun, and I view everything in a Slovakian point of view. It's noted to be Dutch, I however grew up with it in a Slovakian point of view.

    Every time I get angry with people it's because of my mixture of Slovakian proper etiquette and Canadian environment. When I see people undoing tradition (burping while eating) I get upset. People need standards and proper etiquette, something people themselves desire less of. Shame.

    None of my Canadians celebrate Sinterklaas Day so I simply gifted myself a few gifts, such as these new wireless earbuds. Also obtained slippers, HMDI cable, among other stuff. Simple small things. Even happily received a nice chunk of snow, something to which Montreal obtained 30 cm of snow. We obtained slightly less than them, here in Ottawa.

    All hail Bismarck!
    (I would proudly show my Canadian naval pride, I however am not allowed to be proudly Canadian. Nobody wants to add Canadians into their naval games, all except for Silent Hunter 3, a game about German Uboats. I'm still angrily awaiting for when Azur Lane and/or KanColle decide to add in Canadian shipgirls to either of the two games, and every other WW2 naval game. Canadians are trash to game developers and I 100% hate those lazy ass game developers. If you're offended by Bismarck then let me have my god damn Canadians. )

    KanColle (not Azur Lane) with HMS Warspite in her Santa outfit.

    She is an overly elegant and regal character with a soft, yet regal voice. Love her voice overs. Sadly, KanColle suffers from salty gameplay and region-blocking nonsense. Its better to play Azur lane than KanColle, especially for those with a soft heart.

    As for Rising World:

    I'm still adding small detailing before I post in my other main showcase thread. Trying to clear out more area so I can prepare for trains, and even build more skyscrapers. I'm trying to build a city, even if people annoying call my settlements "villages". I'll post more Rising World goodies later. Everything takes time on both Red51 and our building end. A simple process of creating furniture (in survival mode) takes ages.

    Some fun Bing AI fun:

    I managed to stump Bing AI this time around while trying to get it to draw some Canadian shipgirls in Slovakia, Bratislava. The more satisfactory results appear to be with trams.




    Out of the whole batch, this is my favourite.

    Roaming around while reading a map. A girl is even holding up a toy military boat. Sadly, you can't see any Canadian, nor Slovakian emblems. It "tried" to create Bratislava, it however became so highly confused adding every other landmark other than what it desired.

  • December 6, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    I hope you guys are starting to feel overly festive. Not because of this thread, though partially. I'm talking more about Europe itself with how traditional and more rooted it is in traditionalism. It should be, especially in a Slovakian manner.



    And yes, more Bing AI with KanColle shipgirls in Canadian naval attire (WW2) touring Bratislava (Slovakia), or should be. Even trams.

    As for Rising World news:

    I finally had a friend finally answer my calls for help. One person joined, another threw a tantrum. I had a lovely help from a friend helping me clear out the terrain to build away. I finally have more plots of land. :party: I'll place more finalized images in the 'media presentation' subforum when the time is right. You'll see it there eventually (and on Steam once I'm unbanned Dec 31st. Steam Support is full of morons.).

    - Vathunver on the left and middle, and Port Pilipec on the right.

    - Quarter of the way through the digging. It was nearly touching the storage building.

    - Friend made me laugh with the mining helmet. Out of nowhere he made one (after I had made the drill for him).

    - Planning out the new pathways and side-streets.

    - Offices and paper mill type area. Paper and rags.

    This building shall be an awkwardly built office building based on some funky AI art. Desired a blue glass skyscraper, may still do so later. I also am now able to build a bakery tower, and even my own 'Arcticu Tower' structure more for myself. I finally have the freedom to build again with special thanks to friend. I'm also planning to build a little hangout area for Christmas Trees and pumpkins to be displayed. I'll get to it eventually. :wow:

    Like I said, more completed builds shall eventually be found later in my media presentation thread. 8)

    I'm tired from all the nonstop digging. :sleeping:

    Merry Christmas!:party:

  • December 7, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    Managed to gain an Anime-high in my excitement today. It's always great having a form of escapism to cheer you up after some let-downs, negativity, and all the other weirdness going on in the world. VRChat made me happy, and more so with what I'm about to share.

    - Nissin Cup Noodle - You don't get much wholesomeness these days, wholesomeness is banned by bored internet activists. Loving the fox girl's softness and cuteness. "Your ears don't lie":love:

    - Azur Lane Christmas festive shipgirls next to their Aircraft carrier.




    Canadians used to have 3 aircraft carriers at three different times. Simply desiring to bring back that mood, and for Rising World as well. If I can have a British designed aircraft carrier (or import it) into Rising World I would happily do so. If I would attempt to build one it would be botched so heavily it would be a laughing stock and an eye sore.

    Canadians used to have HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Warrior, and HMCS Bonaventure.

    Seeing the AI attempt to give the girls a lovely Canadian cape (sometimes mixed with Christmas) gives interesting results. Various Canadian emblems placed in various places.

    I haven't even shared the best AI art batch. I'll have to save it for Day 8, and even with the VRChat stuff (if allowed to share). If you folks desire to share some actual Christmas festivities you're welcome to interject here and there. Keep it Christmas and festive. :saint:


    You should try doing it with just pickaxe :lol:

    Merry Yule tide!

    Was watching my poor friend struggle with the pickaxe while I melted the stone away. I felt bad for him, even going out of my way to make a drill for him. We both melted the stone away after that.

    I also used various forms of pickaxes on different piles of stone in three different areas many months back and prior to all this. Painful. I can see why people were so frustrated on the main forums. I still have to deal with it. We even briefly conversed how we desired Minecraft's Redstone Computercraft stuff (basically the Turtle gadget) to help with mining. if I can have NPCs to deal with this I wouldn't have to ask for help ever again, only from NPCs. 8)

    I came across another game which has a gimmick of a helper doing auto-crafting and maybe even mining for you - [Omega Crafter]. It be perfect for Rising World as a recruitable and loyal companion to you. I would love a personalized helper like that. We all would. :monocle:

    >>>Program your Grammi!
    Grammi’s actions can be easily programmed, allowing them to help you with tasks such as mining, logging, moving materials and crafting items. You can even program them to dance! What do you want to program the Grammi to do?<<<

    Merry Yule tide! :party:

  • December 8, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    Sorry, feeling a bit under the weather and depressed today (to the delight of a few people on here). I'll still share what I promised in the previous post.

    As noted, I genuinely desired to share the "best" batch, meaning some AI art relating to Azur Lane/KanColle, Canadian theme, Aircraft Carrier, and some red outfits. The red gloves.



    So, which one? The last four images; The third from the end (last row, second image).

    I simply admire the cute charm. :monocle:

    Then there's some neat VRChat images of Shibuya-Harajuku, a place I loosely visited by being a stone's throw away in real world, yet shall be able to properly later on my next trip. Happy to see it in VRChat.

    Let's just say I was a stone's throw away from that location. A good stamp rally doesn't hurt anyone. :nerd:

    Rising World news? None. I'm tired, exhausted, burnt out, and I'm waiting for the next update. I'm willing to bet Red51 is going to do a last minute update, as per usual.

    Either way, Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 9, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    Need to stay festive. Need to stay festive! Remember my December 5th post? No? Go look at it, or go see what it's about. Twitter/X tried going fake political on it with the whole fake 'Woke Right' on it when allegedly attempting to blame anti-Krampus nonsense on political nonsense. Not having it. But hey, at least we can admire some Krampus goodies. I'm happy the nonsense at least reminded me of the forgotten goodies hidden in Traditional Europe. Need to keep focusing on tradition, it's where the good stuff is hidden.

    December 5th is awesome, it needs more love and attention. I hope Red51 finds a way to pay homage to it in some manner or another. Sinterklaas day is awesome and needs to stay away from the morally corrupted individuals.




    Then we have more lovely Bing AI art.

    Rising World? Busy. I have no time now. All my projects stalled out.

    More lovely Canadian Azur Lane shipgirl AI art.




    I'm amused I managed to sneak out one NSFW content, yet still SFW. Bing AI doesn't allow NSFW to be generated, yet it still allowed one. I tried to nudge Bing AI to make it more festive, something it eventually managed to do. Just think Christmas thoughts. Think festivities! :nerd:

    Once again (till Christmas; Dec 25th), Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 10, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    Simple one today (or tonight). Just enjoy some creepy awesome Krampus. Basically Krampus AI art in Bratislava, Slovakia, or should be.




    Let's just say I also know who Krampus shall visit from these forums and Steam forums ;). Also, the last one (which was originally first) even spooked me the first time I seen it. Caught me off guard the first time around. I wasn't expecting Bing AI to form creepy versions. :dizzy:

    - Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 11, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    As previously, shall attempt to keep this short and brief.

    More Krampus exploring Bratislava Slovakia (Christmas themed).


    It's getting closer. :)

    More Azur Lane/KanColle Canadian shipgirls in what's supposed to be Bratislava, Slovakia. (AI Art)



    If people are STILL needlessly confused about why I'm doing this, it's to stay festive. There has been so much negativity that I'm simply trying to add more positivity. If people still falsely view my posts as "spam", or have negative ill wills then they should go apologize to Krampus. We're in the month of December, and even Steam Support needs to apologize profusely for their crimes. We're in December.

    What do I want for Christmas?

    - Rising World update

    - People to actually accept my API requests to the full benefit of Rising World instead of holding childish and moronic grudges against me. It's for Rising World, do it for Rising World's health and popularity. 1 or more of my requests to be appropriately accomplished without half-assing anything.

    - Canadian shipgirls in Azur Lane and/or KanColle.

    - Proper sanity in people (none of the fake crap nonsense people keep spewing, or baiting me in my own ex-Rising World Discord group, etc; No bullying).

    - Less derogatory comments from people.

    - (Among other things I desire to mention, yet shall go over people's heads relating to other hobby-related stuff.)

    So, Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 12, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    Tired, yet trying to keep up the best I can. Busy, busy.

    More Bing AI 'Azur Lane Canadian Christmas Art', but with Hokkaido, Japan attempts.



    Too Canadian? Let's just say Bing AI images failed injecting Christmas themes into the images above. Pretend you're seeing Christmas decorations lining the streets, the mountains, and the girls wearing more festive outfits (as noted previously). Just pretend it's Christmas. Also, I'll openly admit I'm also sharing these Canadian images also in spite of lazy WW2 game developers always afraid of Canadians.


    As for today's batch (Christmas in Ottawa, again).


    I'm sharing the better quality results from what Bing AI decided to generate. I've generated so much I had to get picky, and this is what my pickiness has chosen. I even snuck in Krampus in the Ottawa AI images. It's a must! :monocle:

    Having a festive Ottawa (with neglected military Canadians) is an interesting way to fill in voids. I've tackled Ottawa, attempted with Bratislava, and even experimented with Hokkaido (Japan), returning to Ottawa. Maybe I'll try again to see if the AI has improved at a later date.


    that's interesting, i just saw a krampus "show" in italian alps.

    However, i can't find any update post from red, i knew it reading discord, but where is it on the forum?

    Nice! Krampus on Italian Alps? Probably what I'm referring to in my previous post, yet decided to "censor" it. Lost the thing now.

    As for the update? I did link it previous.

    RE: Game finished

    Click that link and you'll see a Rising World is almost upon us with the update happening anytime between December 20th to December 31st, 2023. Why 20th, not earlier? Red51 always give a heads up prior to releasing. When Rising World updates may also release in parallel with another indie game of the R18 variety. Shall be interesting to try to play those games one at a time (to juggle them). :nerd:

    Merry Christmas! :party:

  • December 13, 2023 - Counting down to Christmas.

    Busy, busy. Always busy.



    Just some bonus images from previous day of Azur Lane shipgirls exploring Ottawa during Christmas. Oh, and Krampus. I had to specify how I desired to see Krampus. Bing AI added a new stupid ToS if a term is flagged too many times they may revoke your access. Microsoft now sucks more and more each year, as they horribly do with Flight Sim and Microsoft, etc. Everything is Microsoft's fault.

    I have to stay focused and festive. I need to stay happy.

    Merry Christmas! :party:

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