rivers, ponts and lakes as water supply

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  • There could be beautiful unique nature sights like:

    -ponts with brown/greenish water, water lilies, reed at the shore and frogs&dragonflies. (dont drink it before boiling)

    in every biom should be water sources with its own unique characteristicas:

    in the savana brown water holes, (if you drink it, it makes you sick.)

    In the desert oases with palm trees and bushes

    In the tundra and other snowy areas frozen lakes

    So these water sources are there to drink from it directly or after boiling it on fire to make it consumable.

    Water from he ocean is salty and even increases the thirst.

    Beside these water ponts&lakes with reed should be also rivers, which start at a spring and flows into the ocean. Inside the rivers are round stones different sizes called riverbed. You can also drink from rivers.

  • Funmichi

    Changed the title of the thread from “rivers, ponts and lakes and water supply” to “rivers, ponts and lakes as water supply”.
  • i'm fairly certain inland water features like these as well as the distinction between fresh and salt water are already planned

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  • This would make the game more fun because it is a more detailed survival aspect in the survival mode.

    Also water sources like rivers, springs, lakes and ponts with its own plants and animals would make the game so much more interesting and beautiful.

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