Changelog 2014-10-26: Glass and windows

The world update is now finally available for the new version!
  • Hi folks,

    another small update is now available! It introduces something simple but highly important: Windows. It uses the extended construction system, so you can freely adjust the position, size and rotation. Apart from that, they can be combined with all other types of construction elements (for example with wood planks, to create a windowsill).
    Building a window consists of two steps: First creating a frame (there are 4 different frames available with and without glazing bars), and then inserting a glasspane into it, where you can choose between 3 different types of glass (more will follow).

    In combination with that, this update also introduces a new graphical effect: Refraction, which affects all types of glass. Two of the glasstypes cause a high degree of refraction, so that it's complicated to see details behind it (suits well for a bathroom window ;) ). Of course this effect can be disabled in the settings.

    Have fun with this update! :)

    Full changelog:

    • [New] New constructionelements: 3 different glasspanes and 4 different window frames (with and without glazing-bar)
    • [New] Refraction effect for glass panes (can be disabled)
    • [New] Mousesensitivity can be adjusted in the settings menu
    • [Change] Reduced width of ladders so that they fit exactly to the size of a block
    • [Change] Constructionelements now keep their settings (size, rotation)
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong lod-calculation causing holes in the world
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a shaderproblem concerning Intel HD Graphics
    • [Bugfix] Fixed statustext when placing a construction element
    • [Bugfix] Fixed a bug causing missing chunks when loading a world

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