Can't Find my Server in the multiplayer tab But everything looks okay (First time setting up a server)

  • I know this has likely been asked before but i either can't find the issue or its been solved in a German thread which I half know a sum total of like 2 words one of which is no.

    I cant seem to find the server that I'm making for me and my mates in the multiplayer tab and when i tried checking the ports with netstat(down below are relevant results) They said established but not listening I've also opened up 2 ports for steam so I'm kinda stuck

    (Edit: I forgot to mention if i Directly connect to the I.P I time out at about 5%)

    Than you in advance for the assist.

  • looks like you may be only on your local network. the web server is returning the address when it needs to be your server ip. the web server has to communicate with steam for the server to show in the list tho you should be able to join by ip

  • Hi @NomadicTeddybear the issue you are having is caused by missing firewall rules. Seeing IP is normal as it is an IPv4 based routing IP that servers as the default route.

    With that said, go into your Windows Defender Firewall, open up Advanced Settings and then add two new Firewall Rules:

    TCP 4253-4259

    UDP 4253-4259

    You could also associate these rules with the following exe:

    C:\Program files x(86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RisingWorldDedicatedServer\RisingWorldServer.exe

    Edit: So just to add more information; you need to open up a port range as above on your Software Firewall (Windows Firewall) and you also need to either open up ports on your Embedded Firewall (Routers Firewall) or setup Port Redirection on the Embedded Firewall.

  • the issues i have had : incompatible old and new version of client and server that means server was the new unity version and client the old java version (wooden panels on start screen) . the server startup looks ok , you have to forward your ports in your router and firewall and give your server a manuell ip adress (dhcp off in windows and manually configure your local ip adress so that it dont change on router restart ) . when your server is a computer in your home network you (not other players outside your network ) must login with the local ip adress and port of the game . i hope you can understand this , my english is not so good

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