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  • Tools:

    Similar to my Saw suggestion, This tool would allow you to adjust the placement of Extended Construction Objects.
    Left click moves one notch away from the side targets: Example left click on top of the board moves it one notch down.
    Right click moves EC Objet pulls it one notch in the direction: Example right click on top of board moves it one notch up.
    A notch i am thinking should be the same amount of movement as using arrow keys when an EC Object is locked with ctrl-key.
    The direction of movement should be completely based on side targeted, and not angle of incidence when clicking: If I am looking down and target the side, it should move side to side not up and down.

    Change to Scythe and sickle
    I sometimes want grass to be short vs cleared, and it is impossible to control it well enough to not end up on this result consistently. So how about adding a right click function to these that only cuts the grass to short and will not clear the grass.

    Double Doors
    I figure these are already on the list, but had need for them so just a friendly pook.

    Mirrored Single Doors
    Sometimes I want the door to just swing the other way depending on the room layout.

    Large Doors
    Thinking barn/garage doors size 6 blocks tall and 3 blocks wide, and availability as double(like previous entry).
    Additionally verticle or roll up doors, for a couple of modern options would be nice.

    Place Dirt on blocks.
    Currently it passes through blocks and are completely independent placement of each other. But thinking roof top gardens and such would need to be able to place on blocks without spilling out side the boundries. I figure there are some technical challenges here, but wanted to make the request.

    Pickup most objects
    I dislike not being able to move objects like tables and chairs, and I should not have to break them and remake them. So most furniture your should be able pick up(I.e. like garden torch) or moved with an empty hand action.

    Individual EC Boards interaction after multiple EC object place
    I use left click to place multiple EC boards to do walls. Preferably after the boards are placed I should be able to remove a single board of the set and not be forced to redo them if I want to add a window or door.

    As always, thank you for considering these suggestions.

  • First of all, thanks for your suggestions! :)

    -Hammer: Good idea, we will implement that!

    -Change to Scythe and sickle: This also sounds very good, we implement that too.

    -Double Doors/Mirrored Single Doors/Large Doors: We're working on it, that's on our list.

    -Place Dirt on blocks: That's indeed a little bit complicated. We will have a look on it if we find a solution.

    -Pickup most objects: Not sure about picking up furniture, but move it sounds interesting. We just need to find a way to handle the interaction with the object. Currently you would directly sit down on a chair when you interact with it. And it's not very good if every furniture has a context menu (like the tent for example)... :huh:

    -Individual EC Boards interaction: Yes that's the way it was originally intended. We will change it soon ;)

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