Need to remove furnace (and other objects)

  • Hey Folks

    Just wondering if anyone can help with this. I placed a furnace on top of a hill plus a work bench and a tent. Id like to remove the furnace as I want to place my house in its location but cant find a way to remove it, I have tried hitting it constantly with a sledgehammer as I heard the only way to remove some items was to destroy them but the furnace still stands! Thank you in advance =)

    PS. Love the game so far ...keep up the good work!

  • Yes, unfortunately you can only remove objects by destroying them at the moment. You should use the pickaxe to destroy objects, the furnace takes several hits until it breaks ;) You should hear a sound when hitting the furnace (aside from the regular "swinging").

  • You could try typing setgametype 1 into the command window. this changes the game to creative mode and everything takes a single hit to break (blocks,trees, stone, crafting gear) it would save you some time, and when you're finished, just open up the command window again, and type setgametype 0, and this will change you back to survival mode. Hope this helps, and saves you some time.
    (it's not really cheating. hee hee!)

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