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A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • Tools -
    Rake - So after a bunch of laying dirt down in my barn, I had some trouble where the dirt meets a block, it kept wanting to leave a divet in stead of flat or a rise up to it. So I would recommend that you add a right click function to the rack has a propensity to builds up, instead of the current left click down.

    Watering Can - spread and re-grow grass. I like how the rake breaks down grass terrain. but now I have a few patches that were cut bare prior to the update and a couple spots where removing potholes ond small mounds have left bald spots. I think this would be more versatile in the long run than collecting grass seeds or such.

    Objects -
    Tool Rack - I will not be needing my scythe, sickle, or rake on me most of the time. So I would request a tool rake that can be placed on my barn wall to hang them in plain sight while I am not using them. Would look cool.

    Bucket and Half Barrel - decorative items for holding water for my animals.

    Fences and Fence Gates - See barn update...

    Chicken Wire - for my small animal enclosures

    Thanks again, really enjoying the game.

  • Thanks for the cool suggestions! :)

    Rake: So if I got you right, you want that the rake behaves the same when using left click, and when using right click it should raise the terrain a little bit (still smoothing) instead of lowering it? To tell you the truth, that's already implemented but not available in the release version. We will enable that feature again for the next release.

    Watering can: That's a good idea! We already realized that it's an issue that you cannot turn dirt into grass. In the future, grass will regrow automatically, but the watering can could be useful to increase the speed.

    Tool rack: That's planned in the future ;)

    Bucket and half barrel: Good idea, we will implement that (at least the half barrel will be a placeable object, not sure about the bucket, currently it's only planned as an item)

    Fences/Fence Gates/Chicken wire: That's planned. We will implement that as soon as we have some time for it

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