A few suggestions

  • I am not sure if any of this already have been suggested, but I will go on anyways:

    • Elevators
    • Automatic Sliding Doors
    • Human NPC's (which may be both friendly or hostile)
    • NPC Villages (which may be both friendly or hostile)
    • Hunting Bow and eventually other ranged weapons

    In case NPC's would become a thing, it'd be cool if they could populate your own city at random if sufficient amount of houses is available. And if there even could be events of rebellions or hostile NPC's blending in with the other NPCs.

  • - Elevators - That's something that's been in VERY HIGH demand in Minecraft. I'm now seeing a great demand for them in Rising World so they should be considered for a game like this.
    - Automatic Sliding Doors - Oh, this would be awesome! Having naturally programmed sliding doors would be awesome. Rising World can actually pull this off nicely with frames you can place above and below in door frames.
    - Human NPCs - A must on both the hostile & friendly side of things. They need to also populate NPC villages that we're demanding and on high demand. NPC Traders are nice and all, just that upping it would make things far more fun to an environmental element to being followers.
    - NPC Villages - In high demand and a must for a game like this now. If you have a vast world then we need to make use of it. We would love to encounter other civilizations, from natives to higher-tech ones; Both what we see as 'primitive natives' to modern-tech civilizations. They need to be able to trade via bartering with human players and vice-versa.
    - Hunting Bow: You're in luck! Bows & arrows are planned to be added. Even pistols.

    And I agree that there should be a chance for NPCs to join your settlements at random. Timber & Stone style, and more on a 'traveler' type manner. Seeking food, shelter, and such. I wonder if the second bit shall ever happen, the banding together bit. Things like morale and the more complex stuff would be more for mods because Red wants to keep things greatly detailed, yet simple in specific parts. I'm having trouble convincing Red to add in NPC villages & followers in full because I'm only one obnoxious Canadian bastard ( :P ). I guess that would be a mod thing; Behavior, morale, and rebellions and such. Not so much for food quenching. That can be vanilla.

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