New name: Rising World

  • Hello folks!

    Finally our new website and new forum is online! Sorry for the delay, it took longer than expected. Our website has been fully reworked now (while we only did minor changes to the forum). We hope you like it, please feel free to give us feedback. And - of course - let us know if you find any bugs there.
    You may notice that the bugtracker does not work: Use the forum instead, you don't need an account to create a topic in the help sections. Hopefully the bugtracker will be online again soon!

    Now our game is no longer called Concept, but Rising World! The game itself isn't updated yet (so your version is still labeled as 'Concept'), but tomorrow (2014-11-19 delayed to 2014-11-20) we will release a new version of the game (don't expect the animals yet^^) together with a new reworked launcher.

    Another very important note: As part of our preparations for the launch of Rising World on Steam's Early Access (estimated date: 3rd of december 2014), the game will no longer be available for purchase via our store, until it is finally released. When released, our payment options as of right now (PayPal and Paysafecard) will still be available (purchases can be made on Steam as well as on our homepage).

    Also - as announced previously - everybody who already owns the game can get a free Steam key if desired. If you don't want this, you can still play the game without Steam.

    Stay tuned! :)

  • Finally the game itself is now update! :) That means that all ingame labels has been exchanged. Furthermore, a new polished Launcher is available, as well as a new .exe to start the game (also a native MacOS app).

    Important: This update will not be applied automatically when starting the game :!: With other words, the new .exe (respectively the equivalent files for Linux/MacOS) has to be downloaded from the homepage again!
    You can keep the old game folder, but you have to delete the files concept.exe, concept-x86.exe, launcher.xml and loader.xml (and - if the file exists - concept.jar)! On completion you can put the new file "risingworld.exe" into the folder and execute it.

    Please let us know if there are any unexpected problems, we will fix them as quickly as possible.

    Apart from the new texts and the new Launcher, there are also a few gameplay changes and some new content: Now you can use the secondary action on the rake, this allows to you smooth the terrain, but with the propensity to build up instead of lowering the terrain.
    In addition, we implemented a sledgehammer. It behaves similar to the rake, but it only smoothes out stone. Please keep in mind that both tools are still work-in-progress, i.e. they don't have their final behaviour yet. Please don't hesitate to give us feedback ;)

    There is also a new decoration object, nothing special, but anyway: A massive stone statue. And we also added a new construction element, a wood beam.

    Last but not least a small note about the animals: We're working on them and they should be ready at the same time as the Steam release. You find some pictures attached.

    Have fun and stay tuned!

    Changelog 2014-11.20:

    • [New] New design for Launcher
    • [New] New .exe file (you have to redownload it from our homepage), also a new native app for MacOS
    • [New] New construction element: Woodbeam
    • [New] New decoration object: Stone statue
    • [New] New item: Sledgehammer, which is used to smooth out stone (equivalent to the rake, but it's also still WIP)
    • [Change] Updated all ingame texts, game is now labeled as "Rising World"
    • [Change] Added secondary action to rake, which smoothes the terrain with the propensity to build up instead of lowering the terrain
    • [Change] Updated database management for worlds, should improve performance a little bit
    • [Change] Renamed a few config keys (e.g. for creating graves then dead players despawn etc.)
    • [Change] Updated error message when something goes wrong when connecting to a server (instead of simply "Connection error")
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong lighting calculation for LOD chunks
    • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong remaining items in inventory when placing construction elements in a row
  • congrats on the namechange and the new website, I like it very much, good work!! :) also like the images, can't wait until the animals are in the game!
    by the way, those statues in the cave are creepy! =O

    "I wish I had a dollar for every time I spent a dollar, because then, I'd have all my money back" :P

  • A small bugfix is available, doing some smaller changes and fixes a nasty bug concerning the rake/sledgehammer (reported by Quezax). Please let us know if you find any further bugs!

    Bugfix 2014-11-22:

    • [Change] Updated behaviour of rake and sledgehammer, should work much better now
    • [Change] Reduced memory usage by using byte buffers where possible (instead of float buffers), still not done yet
    • [Bugfix] Fixed bug that you were unable to place blocks at smoothed locations
    • [Bugfix] Fixed light calculation for particle effects

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