[Game] Savage Lands

A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • While going through steam to comment on Rising World I was recommended this game. It's still as youthful as Rising World, yet shows promise and signs of being neat.


    Briefly put:
    - Skyrim type scenery & Monsters. In a chilly forested area similar to to Canada's North or frozen New foundland, Arctic Europe, and similar. Basically Skyrim.
    - The world is pre-made with no signs of randomizing the terrain for fun. Objects are randomized, as is spawning. Just not the map.
    - Survival while starting out fresh to then build up huts and such (The Forest type preset crafting, not item crafting together.)
    - Clothing & Armor degrade the more you wander around, more when you take combat.
    - Dragons, Skeletons, Wolves, and Walking trees as monsters (as of this posting).
    - Hunger, health, and warmth being a major factor in staying alive.
    - You can wander into towns, band together, or survive on your own...Or attack others. It's all up to you.
    - Save file is server side so you may find yourself without a character if the game goes under. (A chance for that; Think Starbound for save-file type.)
    - More to find & discover (Information is dated to release information & Youtubers 2 months back of this posting)............


    This game shows promise and it does indeed remind me strongly of Skyrim. Skyrim done in a more survival and less combat-related aspect of things. I'll agree with people who compare this game to Skyrim. It's still fresh so there's loads to be added and polished. What it does have now is quite enjoyable to examine and enjoy. The overly realistic side of survival, crafting, and the pre-made world for you to roam around in. If you prefer realistic fantasy then this should be fun for those that want to enjoy such.

    I dislike hearing things going 'static' because it takes the fun out of the game. When maps go 'pre-made' then I'm irritated with it giving the game a limited life-cycle, then having to rely on mods to keep it going which it doesn't have support for currently. I learn everything then I move on in these types of games. Nothing stays fresh (Skyrim also died out for me thanks to scenery), and is why I'm attached to Rising World's advertised game-play. I can't play Rising World, and I really do, yet can't because I'm being punished by my fellow Canadians through their masochistic trait of allowing taxes and prices to go higher. Canadians are docile in those things and arrogant in 'easy' topics (i.e No sex ed). This game also seems promising on the part of what Red could consider into adding into his game on the side of walking trees and the way those skeletons are designed. Same with how I brought up Dragon's Dogma.

    Ignoring my issues, this game does indeed show promise, and it has a VERY long way to go. I however dislike the 'static map' option, how characters are saved server side, and how it chose dragons. It also limits modding so that shall give it a short life-span or spotlight when compared to other games. I do however like the idea of Dragon pedestals though, and same with that walking tree. The survival realism is awesome, as is having to tend to your clothing (though gets annoying when can't replace) to force you to keep yourself clothed & protected. Having to explore and survive while tending to both hunger & heat. Having to keep yourself warm (Skyrim's Frostfall comes to mind).

    A bit more confusingly worded.....This is also why (the reason of keeping things randomized and randomly generated) that I'm pushing Red to add NPC companions on top of statues with customization options to match the player at the time. To nudge into more randomized gameplay with NPC followers to join you on your adventures to survive, once you win them over. I want to support Rising World while as a fan wanting to have this game at the top for both him and myself. This is a mutual victory on both sides. Rising World & Savage Lands seem to have a parallel in where both can be compared in the survival aspect. They may both be compared in realism, that Skyrim scenic vibe, that survival aspect of having to tend to your bodily needs (heat, eating, and warmth), and the part with crating to stay alive. It all depends on Red on what part wants to be compared when it comes to environmental effects and diseases.

    Not a Review, just quickly listed opinions that can double as a feature list from above....

    • [Pros] Game is a Skyrim survival in atmosphere with you having to survival a chilly climate.
    • [Pros] Pre-made structures and objects to plop down in the world. Crafting appears fun &
    • [Pros] Great 'realistic' monsters with a nice sense of animation to them. Great style to them.
    • [Pros] Lovely way for a dragon to stare at you from a top of a pedestal, again with a Skyrim tone. Nice sense of danger and respect radiating from it.
    • [Pros] Being able to switch from Singleplayer and multiplayer. Co-op goes a long way in bringing fun to the table. You can choose to survive together or to beat the living daylights out of one another.
    • [Pros] Heat is such a big part that clothing, torches, and campfire are necessities in keeping you warm (Skyrim Frostfall mod style).
    • [Pros] Clothing & armor degrades over time needing you to keep tabs on it to create and loot more.
    • [Cons] Simply having dragons to populate the world cheapens the experience. Needs more variety type. (Realistic fantasy)
    • [Cons] Game devs not considering to make a features or road-map. Wanting you to look at a livestream that shows sloppiness.
    • [Con] World is pre-made which limits the life-span of the game in long-term. Needs more custom maps or scenery. This also limits modding that also troubles Skyrim.
    • [Con] Game devs not considering to make a features or road-map. Wanting you to look at a livestream that shows sloppiness. I'm having to find myself making that list myself.

    The game is still young...........

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