2 Newbie questions

  • I have about 3 hours played, fun game, but I have a couple of really basic questions:

    1. Is there any way to pick up placed items such as your workbench?

    2. Is there any way to change item orientation when you are placing in the world?

    3. What is the difference between the game types (Survival, Creative, etc?)

    Thanks ;-)

  • @gypsysmoke- Like Meltron said Friend, At the moment you can only destroy items with your pickaxe, and recraft them. This is planned to change in the future though friend. haa!
    There are only two current game modes at the moment. Creative, and Survival. In survival, you become hungry, thirsty, and suffer damage from falls. Chopping trees, and mining also takes the standard amount of chops/hits.
    In Creative mode, you never become hungry or thirsty, can fall as far as you like without hurting, and you can chop trees and mine with a single hit. haa!
    To switch between the game modes, you can open up the command window with the key next to the 1 in the left side of your keyboard, and type in the following:
    setgametype 1 -sets creative mode.
    setgametype 0 -Sets survival mode.

    You will usualyy get a message like, 'creative mode was enabled' or, ' creative mode was disabled' haa! I hope this helps Friend, and, more importantly,.....have fun! haaa!
    Oh! by the way Friend, if you want to destroy a large number of blocks at a time, Creative mode is best by far, as you can wallop those blocks with a single hit. On Survival mode, it takes four hits to break a single block. haa!

  • @gypsysmoke for creative mode type in the console ` then setgametype 1 for survival mode ` then setgametype 0
    please note: when starting the game you will start out in survival mode.

    Hope this helps there m8

  • On a mac it looks like console opens with the " \ " key. If that is the console. If not, it opens up something. Addressing question #2, item orientation is done with the item in hand and using the arrow keys. Glass and posters can also be enlarged with the arrow keys. (It's hard to see the edges of the glass, but maybe red will give the edge a red outline in placing mode.)

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